How to Unpause Apple Update: A Complete Guide

Unpause Apple Update

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Are you struggling with software update on your iPhone or iPad? You might experience an issue wherein your Apple update gets paused, and you want to know how to fix it. Stopping updates or pausing them is never recommended, but at times, it becomes necessary. However, you might not know how to resume an update that has been paused. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to unpause Apple update and all the other information relating to it.


Apple is known for innovating features within their software updates. These updates come with new and exciting features that keep the users satisfied. Not only this, but they also fix several bugs and improve overall functionality. In the process, some users might face malfunctions while trying to update their devices, like pausing the update accidentally.

Pausing the update might be intentional or unintentional. Some users might not want to install a particular update on their device, which gives them the option of pause. Nevertheless, they might also want to reverse their decision and resume the installation process.

Resuming the update process is not as complicated as it seems. We’ll illustrate the step-by-step process on how to unpause Apple update, along with its strengths and weaknesses, detailed explanations, and all the necessary information required.

Before we proceed with the guide, let’s have a look at what pausing an update means.

What does pausing an update mean?

Every time Apple launches a new update, users receive a notification on their device. The update notification contains information about the new software features and bug fixes that the update will bring.

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If you choose to install the update, then your device will download and install the complete package. However, at times, users might face problems while installing the update, such as network issues or lack of storage. This is when the pause option comes into play. The pause option allows you to temporarily stop the installation process.

Once paused, the installation process is halted, and you can resume it when you have sufficient storage or a better network connection.

Steps to unpause Apple Update

You can easily resume your Apple update process by following the simple steps listed below.

No. Steps
Step 1 Go to the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone or iPad.
Step 2 Tap on ‘General’ and then select ‘Software Update.’
Step 3 Here you’ll see the ‘Paused’ option; tap on it.
Step 4 Click on ‘Resume installation.’

Once you complete the above steps, your device will resume the installation process. It is as simple as that.

Strengths of Unpausing Apple Update

The strengths of unpause Apple update are diverse, and they include:

Saves Data

With the pause option, users can halt the installation process when their network isn’t strong enough. This saves data because the device won’t download the software update entirely when the network is unstable.


Pausing the update gives users flexibility in their schedules. If you’re in a meeting or running an important errand, you can simply pause the update and resume it later when free.

Prevents Device Malfunction

Pausing the update can be helpful if your device is already acting glitchy. The installation process might worsen the current device malfunction, and if you pause the installation, you’ll have more time to troubleshoot your device issues before resuming the installation process.

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Weaknesses of Unpausing Apple Update

As much as there are strengths, some cons come with pausing the Apple update process.

Unstable Installation

When you pause the installation process, there can be instability in the installation process. An incomplete installation can cause instability in your device.

Decreased Performance

Pausing the install process can cause your iPhone or iPad to perform poorly.

No Security Patches

Pausing the update can lead to a non-updated device. This can cause security issues as the device won’t have the latest security patches.

FAQs about Unpausing Apple Update

Q1. What happens if I don’t unpause Apple update?

A1. If you don’t unpause Apple update, then your device won’t have the latest software update, leaving it susceptible to security breaches and the latest features.

Q2. Can I switch off my device while it’s paused?

A2. You can switch off your device while it’s paused. However, once you switch it on, you will have to resume the process manually.

Q3. Will pausing my device update delete my data?

A3. No, pausing your device update won’t delete any data.

Q4. Why does my Apple update keep pausing?

A4. Your Apple update might be pausing due to insufficient storage or unstable network connection.

Q5. Can I reverse my decision after I initially pause the update?

A5. Yes, you can reverse your decision after initially pausing the update.

Q6. Do I have to resume the Apple update process immediately?

A6. No, you don’t have to resume the Apple update process immediately. You can pause it for as long as you like and resume it when convenient.

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Q7. How long does the Apple update process take?

A7. The time taken to complete the Apple update process depends on the size and complexity of the update.


In conclusion, pausing or stopping the Apple update process is not recommended. However, at times, it becomes necessary. We’ve illustrated how to unpause your Apple update along with its strengths and weaknesses. The guide is simple, and if followed, you can easily resume the installation process on your iPhone or iPad.

We hope this article has been informative and helpful for your Apple update. Ensure you follow the steps correctly, understand the strengths and weaknesses before deciding to pause the installation process.

Thank you for reading, and best of luck!


All the pieces of information contained in this article are researched and genuine. However, Apple may upgrade or modify the process with time. It is essential to visit the official website or reach out to Apple customer service for the latest updates and information.