How to Turn off Narrator on Paramount Plus


Hello Reader technogigs! Are you tired of the automatic narrator on Paramount Plus? Not to worry, you have come to the right place to learn how to turn off the narrator. In this article, we will discuss how to disable the narrator on Paramount Plus, its advantages, and any challenges you may encounter.

Paramount Plus has become a highly popular streaming platform. However, the built-in narrator, which automatically reads the captions out loud, can be frustrating and annoying. Some viewers want to enjoy the movie or series without the background noise. The built-in narrator is useful, particularly for persons with hearing impairments or sight loss. It is a helpful feature to enhance the viewing experience. However, if you do not require this function, it is best to turn it off. So, let’s begin!

How to Turn off the Narrator on Paramount Plus

Before diving into the steps, it is essential to note that the feature is only available on the web player version of Paramount Plus. You cannot turn off narrator on the mobile app. Here are the steps to follow:

Step Number Step
1 Log in to your Paramount Plus account on your web player.
2 Select the profile you want to edit.
3 Hover over the profile avatar located at the top right corner of the screen and select “Account Settings”.
4 Scroll to the “Accessibility” section and toggle off the “Narrator” option.
5 Save changes and enjoy the show without any interruptions from the narrator!

Strengths and Weaknesses of Turning off the Narrator on Paramount Plus

Like many features, turning off narrator on Paramount Plus has its advantages and weaknesses. However, it mostly depends on the individual preferences of the viewer. Here’s a detailed explanation:

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1. No interruptions – Turning off the narrator eliminates the background voice and provides a smooth and enjoyable viewing experience, particularly in quiet moments of the movie.

2. Enhanced concentration – Auditory input may distract some viewers, causing them to miss vital details that could detract from their understanding of the plot. Turning off the narrator enables the viewer to focus solely on the visuals and flow of the movie or series.

3. Personal preference – The option to turn off the narrator is subjective. Some viewers prefer listening to the captions, while others do not. The flexibility to turn off or adjust the feature enhances the viewing experience.


1. Accessibility – For users with hearing impairments or visual disabilities, turning off the narrator may limit their interaction and understanding of the movie or series. The narrator enhances the viewing experience, depending on personal preference.

2. Synchronization – Sometimes, the captions do not synchronize properly with the visuals, making it difficult to follow the plot. The narrator provides a solution to this problem, ensuring every detail is communicated accurately.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I turn off the narrator on the mobile app?

No, currently, the narrator feature is only available on the web player version of Paramount Plus.

2. Will turning off the narrator affect closed captions?

No, turning off the narrator feature is independent of the closed captions. The viewer can keep captions on for a regular viewing experience.

3. Can I adjust the speed of the narrator?

No, currently Paramount Plus does not offer adjustable speed for the narrator feature. If you find the speed too fast or too slow, it is best to turn off the feature.

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4. Do I need to have a subscription to turn off the narrator?

Yes, you must have a valid and active Paramount Plus subscription to access the platform’s features, including the narrator.

5. Will turning off the narrator affect other profiles on my account?

No, turning off the narrator will only affect the profile you edited. It will not affect other profiles on your account.

6. Can I adjust the narrator’s volume?

No, currently, there is no option to adjust the volume of the narrator feature. If you find the volume too high or too low, it is best to turn off the feature.

7. Is the narrator available for all movies and series on Paramount Plus?

Currently, the narrator is available for most movies and series on Paramount Plus. However, some titles do not offer this feature.


Turning off the narrator feature on Paramount Plus is straightforward and easy. It is an excellent feature for viewers who require a distraction-free viewing experience. However, it may not be ideal for others, particularly those with visual or hearing impairments. The flexibility to adjust the feature ensures that viewers have a personalized and enjoyable viewing experience. We hope this article has provided you with the necessary information to turn off the narrator on Paramount Plus. Save yourself from the frustration and interruptions from the narrator and enjoy your favorite shows without any interruptions!


Reader technogigs, this article is written for educational purposes only. We hold no responsibility for any changes or updates to the Paramount Plus streaming platform. Always check for the latest software updates and changes to the platform. We encourage viewers to adhere to ethical and legal streaming practices.

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How to Turn off Narrator on Paramount Plus