How to Adjust Deadzone on PS5: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Adjust Deadzone on PS5

Hello, Reader technogigs! Have you ever felt like your PS5 controller’s sticks move too much without your direction? This is where deadzone comes in. Deadzone refers to the amount of movement the sticks can handle before registering any input. Learning how to adjust deadzone on PS5 can significantly improve your gaming experience. In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about adjusting deadzone, including strengths and weaknesses, and frequently asked questions.

Introduction: What is Deadzone on PS5?

Deadzone is an essential feature that ensures your joystick accurately interprets your inputs. It’s responsible for determining your controller’s response to your input style. A higher deadzone implies that your joystick requires more input before registering a response, making the controller feel less responsive. Meanwhile, a lower deadzone implies that your joysticks are prone to respond to unintentional inputs, making your controller feel imprecise. Therefore, it’s essential to find the perfect balance to optimize your gaming experience.

To adjust deadzone on PS5, you need to dive into the settings menu. The PS5 controller comes with a new feature that allows you to fine-tune deadzone settings rigorously. Let’s explore how to adjust deadzone on PS5.

Step-By-Step Guide: Adjusting Deadzone on PS5

The process of adjusting the deadzone on PS5 varies, depending on whether you’re using the DualSense controller or a third-party controller. Here are some general steps to follow for both controllers:

Step Action
1 Go to the PS5 home screen by pressing the PS button on your controller
2 Scroll over to the “Settings” tab and click on it.
3 Select the “Accessories” option from the menu.
4 Find and select the “Controllers” option
5 Select “Adjust Analog Sticks”
6 Select the controller you want to adjust.
7 Under “Deadzone,” use the slider to adjust the settings to your preferred level.
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Strengths and Weaknesses of Deadzone Adjustment Settings on PS5


1. Improves response time and precision during gaming sessions.

2. Accommodates different gameplay styles of different users.

3. It could prevent accidental inputs and movements.

4. Allows users to optimize their control scheme and maximize their controller’s potential.

5. Reduces wear and tear on the controller’s joystick mechanisms.

6. Increases comfort levels during long gaming sessions.

7. Helps users stay competitive by providing an extra edge.


1. Reducing deadzones could decrease accuracy and precision during gameplay.

2. It could be challenging to find the perfect sweet spot of balance between deadzone and sensitivity.

3. Lower deadzones could cause more wear and tear on the joysticks.

4. Adjusting default settings could take time and require experimentation.

5. High sensitivity could lead to unintentional movements and inputs.

6. It could be challenging for new users to understand how to adjust deadzone on PS5.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Deadzone, and why is it important to adjust it?

Deadzone is a measure of the movement your joystick must make before registering any input. Adjusting it can help improve your gaming experience by optimizing response time, minimizing accidental inputs, reducing wear and tear on the joystick mechanisms, and increasing comfort levels during extended gaming sessions.

2. What is the ideal deadzone setting?

The ideal deadzone setting depends on individual preferences and gameplay style. Some prefer a higher deadzone for precise inputs and accuracy, while others prefer a lower deadzone for sensitivity and faster response time.

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3. Can I adjust deadzone on third-party controllers?

Yes, you can adjust deadzone on third-party controllers by following the same steps mentioned above.

4. What happens if I set the deadzone too low?

If the deadzone is set too low, you may experience imprecise inputs or accidental movements. It could also affect your gaming experience negatively.

5. Can I reset the deadzone settings to default?

Yes, you can reset deadzone settings to default by selecting the “Restore Default Setting” option.

6. Can I adjust deadzone while playing?

Unfortunately, you cannot adjust deadzone while playing. You need to exit to the home screen, go to settings, adjust, and save the settings to apply the changes.

7. Can I adjust deadzone on PS4?

Yes, you can adjust deadzone on PS4 by following the same steps mentioned above. However, instead of selecting PS5’s “Accessories” option, select PS4’s “Devices” option in step three.

8. What does “Dominant Hand” mean?

The “Dominant Hand” setting allows you to switch controller axis movement as per your preference. This setting is particularly useful for left-handed users.

9. What is the difference between sensitivity and deadzone?

Sensitivity refers to how quickly the input is registered, while deadzone refers to how much movement the joystick must make before registering any input.

10. Can I adjust deadzone settings for other games on PS5?

Yes, deadzone settings are adjustable according to individual game requirements. However, some games may have specific default settings; you should consider checking each game’s settings before making adjustments.

11. Can I adjust deadzone settings on PS5 for individual buttons?

No, deadzone settings are only available for the joysticks on the PS5 controller.

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12. Can I adjust deadzone settings on the PS5 controller app?

No, deadzone settings are not available on the PS5 controller app.

13. Can I save the deadzone settings for future use?

Yes, you can save the deadzone settings for future use by selecting the “Save Profile” option.

Conclusion: Take Control of Your Gaming Experience

Learning how to adjust deadzone on PS5 is a crucial step in improving overall gaming experience. Experimenting with different deadzone settings can help you find your sweet spot of sensitivity and accuracy. With the right deadzone settings, you can gain the competitive edge you require to be the best player you can be. So, take control of your gaming experience by adjusting your deadzone settings today!

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author’s.