How to See When I Joined Facebook: A Complete Guide

Hello, Reader technogigs! Are you wondering when you first created your Facebook account? It can be difficult to remember the exact date, especially if you’ve had your account for years. Thankfully, Facebook provides a simple way to find out when you joined the platform. In this article, we’ll go over all the steps to see when you joined Facebook, as well as highlight some of the strengths and weaknesses of this feature. Let’s get started!

how to see when i joined facebook


Facebook has become an integral part of our daily lives. It’s a platform that allows us to connect with friends and chat with them in real-time, share pictures and videos, join groups, and more. One thing that many Facebook users often ask is when they first joined the platform. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t make it easy to find that information. But fear not, as we’ll be walking you through the steps to see when you first started using Facebook. We’ll also be talking about the strengths and weaknesses of this feature, so you’ll have a complete understanding of how it works. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

In this article, we’ll be focusing on the web version of Facebook, as the mobile app may have slight differences in the steps to see when you joined Facebook.

Step 1. Open Facebook and Log In

The first step to see when you joined Facebook is to open the platform and log in with your credentials. Once you’re logged in, you should be able to see your News Feed.

Step 2. Go to Your Profile

From the Facebook homepage, click on your name in the top left corner to go to your profile page.

Step 3. View Your Activity Log

On your profile page, click on the three dots in the top right corner of your cover photo. This will open a drop-down menu. From the menu, click on “Activity Log.”

Step 4. Scroll Down and Find Your First Activity

In your Activity Log, scroll down until you find your first activity. This will typically be the first status update or post that you made on Facebook. The date next to that activity is the date you first joined Facebook!

Step 5. Check Your “Joined Facebook” Date

If you can’t find your first activity, you can also check your “Joined Facebook” date. To do this, click on the “About” tab on your profile page. Next, scroll down to the “More About You” section, and you’ll see the “Joined Facebook” date right there.

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Step 6. Check Your Celebratory Video

Facebook also creates a celebratory video to mark your “Facebook anniversary.” You can find this video by visiting the following link: This will take you to a page with all your Facebook anniversary videos. Your first video will show the date you joined Facebook.

Step 7. Check Your Email Address

If all else fails, you can also check your email inbox. Facebook sends out a welcome email when you first join the platform, and the date mentioned in that email is typically your join date. Search your inbox for any emails from Facebook around the time you think you joined the site to find this welcome email.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the “Joined Facebook” Feature

Like any feature on Facebook, there are some strengths and weaknesses to this “Joined Facebook” feature. Below, we’ll go over some of the pros and cons of using this feature.


1. Helps You Remember Important Dates

Knowing when you joined Facebook can be helpful in remembering important dates like birthdays, anniversaries, and more. You can use your join date as a reference point to help you remember when you met certain friends, or when a particular event took place.

2. Useful for Security Purposes

If you’re ever locked out of your Facebook account, knowing your join date can be helpful in proving that you’re the account owner. This information can help Facebook’s support team verify your identity and provide you with access to your account again.

3. Gives You a Sense of Nostalgia

For long-time Facebook users, seeing when they joined the platform can bring back a sense of nostalgia. It can be fun to look back at old posts and reminisce on the days when Facebook was a new and exciting tool.


1. Not Accurate for Everyone

If you had an old Facebook account that you deactivated and later reactivated, your “Joined Facebook” date will reflect the date you reactivated your account instead of the date you first joined the platform. This can be misleading, as it may not accurately represent the length of time you’ve been using Facebook.

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2. Only Shows Your Facebook Activity

The “Joined Facebook” date only reflects when you first joined Facebook, not when you started using other social media platforms or when you first started using the internet. For some people, this may not provide a very accurate representation of their online history.

3. Little Practical Use beyond Nostalgia

While it can be fun to see when you first joined Facebook, there aren’t many practical uses for this information beyond nostalgia. It’s a neat feature to have, but it may not be incredibly useful in your day-to-day life.

Table: Steps to See When You Joined Facebook

Step Description
Step 1 Open Facebook and log in
Step 2 Go to your profile page
Step 3 View your Activity Log
Step 4 Scroll down and find your first activity
Step 5 Check your “Joined Facebook” date
Step 6 Check your celebratory video
Step 7 Check your email address


1. Can I see when my friends joined Facebook?

No, you can only see your own “Joined Facebook” date. Facebook does not provide this information for other users.

2. Can I change my “Joined Facebook” date?

No, you cannot change your “Joined Facebook” date. This is a permanent record of when you first joined the platform.

3. Does my “Joined Facebook” date show up on my profile?

No, your “Joined Facebook” date is not a public piece of information and does not show up on your profile.

4. Why is my “Joined Facebook” date inaccurate?

If you deactivated and reactivated your account, your “Joined Facebook” date reflects the date you reactivated your account instead of the date you first joined the platform.

5. Can I see when I first became friends with someone on Facebook?

Yes, you can see when you first became friends with someone on Facebook by going to their profile, clicking on the “Friends” button, and selecting “See friendship.”

6. What if I can’t find my first activity on Facebook?

If you can’t find your first activity, you can also check your “Joined Facebook” date, or check your email inbox for the welcome email from Facebook.

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7. What if I don’t have a celebratory video from Facebook?

If you don’t have a celebratory video, you can still find your “Joined Facebook” date by following the other steps listed in this article.

8. Will Facebook notify me when it’s my Facebook anniversary?

Yes, Facebook typically sends out a notification to remind you of your Facebook anniversary.

9. Can I download a copy of my Facebook data, including my “Joined Facebook” date?

Yes, you can download a copy of your Facebook data by going to the “Settings” menu and selecting “Your Facebook Information.” From there, you can download your data and see your “Joined Facebook” date.

10. Can I see when I first messaged someone on Facebook?

Yes, you can see when you first messaged someone on Facebook by going to your Messenger app, clicking on a conversation with the person, and scrolling all the way up to the beginning of the conversation.

11. How can I use my “Joined Facebook” date?

Your “Joined Facebook” date can be useful in remembering important dates, verifying your identity, and for nostalgia purposes.

12. Does Facebook keep track of the date I deleted my account?

No, Facebook does not keep track of the date you deleted your account. This information is permanently deleted from Facebook’s servers.

13. Can I see when I first posted a comment on someone’s post?

No, Facebook does not provide this information.


Now that you know how to see when you joined Facebook, you can get a sense of how long you’ve been using the platform and use that information for various purposes. Remember that while this feature may have some strengths and weaknesses, it’s always good to have a complete understanding of how it works. We hope this article has helped you find your “Joined Facebook” date, and that you’re now able to use that information to your advantage. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below!

Don’t forget to download your personal copy of Facebook data and check your “Joined Facebook” date today.

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only. We do not endorse or promote any unethical or illegal activities on Facebook.