Instagram Not Showing My Reels


Hello Reader technogigs, have you ever encountered a problem where your Instagram Reels stop showing up on your feed? Whether you’re an influencer, a business or just a casual user, you might have experienced this frustration. The problem with Instagram not showing your reels can be quite a challenge, but fortunately, it can be easily resolved. In this article, we’ll walk you through the possible causes, solutions, and weaknesses of this issue.

Instagram Reels are the new sensation, allowing users to create and share short-form videos up to 60 seconds long. Being able to showcase your creativity has made Reels a popular feature on Instagram. But when Instagram starts refusing to display your Reels, it can be discouraging. Let’s dive in and learn more about this problem.

Firstly, we’ll explore the reasons why Instagram is not showing your Reels.

Possible Causes of Instagram Not Showing My Reels

There are several reasons why Instagram may not display your Reels. Here are some of the most common ones:

Cause Description
Outdated App Version If you’re using an old version of the Instagram app, then you may experience Reels not showing up on your feed.
Technical Error If there is a technical problem with the app itself, it may prevent Reels from showing up on your feed.
Location Restrictions Instagram Reels may not show up on your feed if you’re in a location that restricts the use of Reels.
Violating Community Guidelines If you violate Instagram’s community guidelines, your Reels might not appear on your follower’s feed.
Low Reels Quality If your Reels don’t fulfil Instagram’s quality standards, they might not show up on people’s feed.

Now that we’ve identified possible causes, let’s delve deeper into them and provide solutions

Solutions to Instagram Not Showing My Reels

Here are solutions that can help you overcome issues related to your Reels not showing up on Instagram:

Outdated App Version

The best way to solve this problem is to update the app from your app store. Instagram constantly rolls out new versions of their app, and some updates may include bug fixes that caused Reels not to be shown on your feed.

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Technical Error

If the app update didn’t work, clearing the app cache may be of help. Go to your phone settings, select the “apps” option, and click on Instagram. After that, click on “storage,” which will bring up “Clear cache” and “Clear data.” Try clearing your Instagram data and cache, then open your app and check whether you can now see your Reels.

Location Restriction

If you’re in a location with restricted access to Reels, try changing your location. You can do this by using a VPN that allows you to access Reels from anywhere.

Violating Community Guidelines

If you get a notification that your Reels are not displaying, check whether you have breached any community guidelines. If you have, mend your mistake and wait for an appeal decision. If rejected, then re-upload Reels that conform to community guidelines..

Low Reels Quality

Instagram has quality standards for Reels. If your content quality standards are not up to par, Instagram might not show your Reels. You need to improve the quality and utilize trending content strategies.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Instagram Not Showing My Reels

Instagram Not Showing My Reels has both advantages and disadvantages; we will analyze the various strengths and weaknesses of this issue.


1. Improved Reels Quality

The advantage of Instagram’s issue of not showing your Reels is that you will improve your Reels quality and get more engagement. Instagram prefers quality content over quantity; therefore, focus on producing high-quality Reels and get a higher chance of being featured.

2. Improved Community Guidelines

Instagram has tough community guidelines that all users must adhere to; otherwise, your post will be taken down. The positive aspect is that you can learn from your experience, improve and avoid future mistakes that will get you content flagged.

3. Fair Chance for Growth

Instagram’s algorithm can be hard to keep up with, but the ‘not showing Reels’ issue gives a fair chance for growth and attracts new followers. Aim to provide valuable content and get more exposure.


1. Loss of engagement

Users that have their Reels not showing on their feed may suffer a loss of engagement since their followers won’t see their content. This problem may slow engagement growth and negatively affect their profile statistics.

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2. Limited Exposure

The biggest disadvantage of Instagram not showing your reels is that they won’t be present in discovery or followers’ feeds. Reels cannot reach your audience, which may make it harder to attract new followers and increase your reach.

3. Time-consuming

Finding the underlying cause and troubleshooting the situation needs attention and time. Instagram brand maintenance requires a lot of effort in keeping up with dealing with common issues.


1. Why are my Reels not showing on Instagram?

There could be several reasons not limited to Tech error, outdated app, violating community guidelines, and low Reels quality.

2. How long does it take for my Reels to be active on the Instagram ecosystem?

Once you have uploaded the Reel, it should take a couple of hours before it’s shown on your feed or internationally shown if selected in discovery.

3. Does Instagram notify if my Reels are not showing up on my profile?

Instagram doesn’t send you notifications about your reels’ visibility on other feeds as you have not directly made the request under your account’s discretion.

4. Can I restore my Reel visibility on Instagram?

Yes, you can by troubleshooting the situation and identify the underlying causes and applying the various solutions provided in this article.

5. What are the problems that result in my Reels not being shown on Instagram?

Some of the problems that result in your Reels not showing up on Instagram include Low quality, violating Community guidelines, Outdated App versions, and location restrictions.

6. How can I restore my Reels visibility on Instagram?

You can restore your Reels visibility on Instagram by updating the app, clearing the app’s cache, and using a VPN if required.

7. Does Instagram remove Reels from their system?

Instagram doesn’t remove your Reel from their system, but they have a right to remove Reels that violate their community guidelines.

8. Can the Instagram team view my Reels if they don’t show up on my profile?

Yes, they still have access to your Reels. However, they will not be publicly available if they do not meet Instagram’s guidelines or don’t follow your account.

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9. Can I still access my Reels via the Reels tab if they are not showing up on Instagram’s feed?

You can still access your Reels through the Reels tab on the bottom of the app, which is accessible to you only.

10. Can my Reels still appear in hashtag searches?

Yes, your Reels can still appear in Hashtag searches regardless of your visibility on your profile.

11. Can multiple Reels be visible on my Instagram profile if selected in discovery?

Yes, you can set either multiple Reels or single Reels on your Instagram profile.

12. Can Instagram remove my Reel post if they breach community guidelines?

Yes, Instagram has the right to remove Reel posts if they breach community guidelines. If removed, Instagram will display a notification informing the author that their post has been against community guidelines, and it has been taken down

13. Do I need to report the situation to Instagram?

You don’t have to report the issue to Instagram since it’s a common issue that usually gets fixed quickly after personal troubleshooting.


Instagram not showing my Reels can cause frustration for users and impact engagement growth, exposure, and audience reach. However, understand that it can be solved by following the troubleshooting solutions highlighted in this article. Also, keep in mind that this issue presents an opportunity to improve your Reels quality and avoid future content violations noticeable by the Instagram algorithm. So, create valuable content, stay consistent and enjoy using your Instagram account without any worries!

Closing Words

To Sum up, we must emphasize that the Instagram not showing Reels issue is a common occurrence amongst Instagram users. Our advice is to keep to the community guidelines, produce high-quality content and stay up to date with the latest app updates. We encourage users to keep calms and not get discouraged. Try troubleshooting the issue by applying the solutions provided in this article and enjoy the full benefits that Instagram has to offer.

Instagram Not Showing My Reels