How to Turn off Audio Description on Hulu


Hello, Reader technogigs! Are you tired of hearing audio descriptions while binge-watching your favorite shows on Hulu? You’re not alone. Many users find audio descriptions distracting and annoying. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll show you step-by-step how to turn off audio description on Hulu.

We’ll also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of turning off audio descriptions and provide answers to frequently asked questions. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Strengths of Turning off Audio Description on Hulu

No Distractions while Watching

One of the biggest advantages of turning off audio descriptions on Hulu is it eliminates distractions while you’re watching your favorite shows. This can significantly improve your viewing experience and help you focus on the plot and characters of the show. Without audio descriptions, you may also pick up on subtle background noises that would otherwise be lost in the narration.

Better Audio Quality

Another benefit of disabling audio descriptions is a significant improvement in audio quality. Many times, the narration can be too loud or too soft, making it difficult to follow the dialogue. By turning off audio descriptions, you can enjoy better sound quality and an overall more immersive experience.

Improved Accessibility

While audio descriptions are essential for visually impaired users, they can be a hindrance for other users. Turning off audio descriptions opens the content to a broader audience, including individuals with hearing impairments, who rely entirely on subtitles for following the plot.

Saves Bandwidth

Finally, turning off audio descriptions can save you bandwidth and reduce your data usage. With audio descriptions disabled, you only stream the show’s audio, resulting in a smaller file size and more efficient data usage.

Weaknesses of Turning off Audio Description on Hulu

Might Miss Important Details

The most significant disadvantage of turning off audio descriptions is that you may miss crucial details about the scene or character. Audio descriptions often provide valuable context and information that is not visible on the screen. Without them, some shows or movies may be harder to follow, especially for individuals with visual impairments.

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Less Inclusive

Turning off audio descriptions may unintentionally exclude visually impaired users from the watching experience. Audio descriptions are essential for the visually impaired, providing context and storylines that are not visible on the screen. Disabling audio descriptions may result in such users missing significant parts of the show or movie.

Can’t be Adjusted for Accuracy

Audio descriptions are narrated by humans, and therefore, the quality can vary significantly from program to program. That said, in most cases, audio descriptions are accurate and add value to the content. Turning them off may result in the loss of essential information, whereas turning them on allows the viewer to adjust the volume for better hearing clarity.

No Consistency

Unfortunately, there is no consistency in the way audio descriptions are provided across different programming. Some shows provide more descriptions than others, and the quality may also vary. Turning off audio descriptions may make it difficult to enjoy some programming that is designed around audio description.

How to Turn off Audio Description on Hulu

Now that we’ve discussed the advantages and disadvantages of turning off audio descriptions on Hulu let’s go through the steps to turn off audio descriptions on Hulu:

Step Action
1 Open Hulu App or Website
2 Click on “Profile” Icon on the top right corner
3 Select the Profile from which you want to turn off Audio Description
4 Click on “Settings” icon on the top right corner of the profile page
5 Scroll down to “Accessibilty” section
6 Turn off “Alternate Audio” option


What is Audio Description?

Audio description is a narration service that lets visually impaired viewers understand the visual content of a show or movie. It describes visual elements, such as facial expressions, body language, costumes, settings, and action.

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Why is Audio Description Important?

Audio description provides access to TV and movie content for people who are visually impaired. By adding an audio narration track, people can visualize what is happening on the screen and follow the story’s plot.

How to Turn off Audio Descriptions on the Hulu App on Roku?

Open the Hulu app on Roku, then go to the “Accessibility” section in the account settings. Here you will find the “Alternate Audio” option, which needs to be turned off.

Does Turning off Audio Description Turn off the Subtitles?

No. Turning off audio descriptions does not turn off subtitles. Subtitles are a separate service provided by Hulu.

Does Hulu Offer Audio Descriptions for all Programming?

No. While Hulu has an extensive library, not all programming is available with audio descriptions.

Is Audio Description Enabled by Default on Hulu?

No, audio descriptions are not enabled by default on Hulu. If you want to enable audio descriptions, go to Accessibility settings and turn on the Alternate Audio option.

Can Audio Descriptions be Used alongside Subtitles?

Yes, users can use audio descriptions alongside subtitles for a more inclusive and accessible watching experience.

Does Turning off Audio Description Reduce the File Size of the Video?

Yes, turning off audio description reduces the file size of the video being streamed, which can help reduce data usage.

How to Enable Audio Descriptions on Hulu on an iPhone or iPad?

Open the Hulu app on your iPhone or iPad, tap the gear icon, then select Accessibility. From there, turn on the “Alternate Audio” option.

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What are the Main Components of Audio Description?

The main components of audio description are the description of characters, settings, actions, and other visual elements, emphasizing only the most critical elements, so as not to interfere with the audio content.

Is Audio Description Available for Live TV Programming on Hulu?

No, at this time, audio description is not available for Live TV programming on Hulu.

Are Audio Descriptions Available in Multiple Languages on Hulu?

No, at this time, audio descriptions are only available in English on Hulu.

Can I Use Audio Description for Multiple Profiles on the Same Account?

Yes, audio descriptions can be enabled on multiple profiles within the same account.


In conclusion, audio descriptions can be lifesaving for those with visual impairments. However, if you find them distracting or would like to save on data usage, you can quickly turn them off on Hulu by following the above steps. While there are advantages and disadvantages to turning off audio descriptions, the final decision is up to the viewer.

If you have any questions about turning off audio descriptions on Hulu or any other Hulu-related questions, don’t hesitate to contact customer support.

Happy Streaming!!

Disclaimer: The information above is for informational purposes only. Changes may have been made to Hulu’s platform, which may affect the accuracy of the information provided. Please contact Hulu’s customer support for the latest information.