How to Screenshot BeReal without Them Knowing


Hello, Reader technogigs. Technology has advanced so much that privacy has become a rare commodity. People are always keeping an eye on us, and sometimes it’s necessary to screenshot something without notifying the other person. BeReal is an instant messaging app that has grown in popularity recently and using it to screenshot without alerting the other person is vital. In this article, we will give you tips on how to screenshot BeReal without them knowing.

Using these methods, you can now capture a screenshot through BeReal without making any notification pop-ups appear on the screen.

Before we proceed any further, it’s important to know that taking screenshots can be a violation of privacy laws and ethics. It’s necessary to understand the rules and regulations around privacy invasion in your country. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s dive in!

Most people aren’t aware that it’s possible to screenshot messages without alerting the sender. The trick is to use screen recording, third-party apps, or access to the BeReal backup file. By utilizing various strategies, we will show you how to screenshot BeReal without them knowing.

With these methods, you will be able to view sensitive information sent through BeReal and to keep the chat content without being noticed. Let’s get started!

Strengths and Weaknesses of Screenshotting BeReal

There are both pros and cons of taking screenshots of BeReal messages without notifying the sender. Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages:


1. Keeping Evidence: If you need to keep proof of a conversation, screenshotting is the best option. This allows you to have a copy of the chat without alerting the other person. This is useful in case of legal issues, conflicts, or disputes.

2. Maintaining Privacy: BeReal notifications can be intrusive and may reveal private information to others. By taking a stealthy screenshot, you can maintain privacy and secure sensitive data.

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3. Continuous Access to Data: With screenshots, you can store chats in your device and have access to them even when you’re offline. This is useful if you want to revisit previous conversations without an internet connection.


1. Breach of Trust: Screenshotting might lead to trust issues, and the other person might feel betrayed. If caught, it might damage your friendship and other relationships.

2. Legal Issues: In some countries, screenshotting someone’s conversation without their knowledge can be a violation of privacy laws. It is essential to know the rules and regulations around privacy invasion in your location.

3. Technical Errors: Not using the right software or method might alert the sender and cause them to become suspicious. It’s vital to utilize the proper technique to ensure discreetness.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Screenshot BeReal without Them Knowing

There are several methods to keep a copy of the conversation without sending out the notification to the sender. Here are some of the techniques:

Method Difficulty Level Description
Using Screen Recording Easy Record the screen while opening the BeReal chat conversation.
Using Widget Screenshot Medium Widget screenshot is a feature on mobile devices that allows you to capture the screen without logging a notification.
Accessing BeReal Backup Files Hard Backup files store messages, images, and other files on external hard drives, where they can be accessed. You can extract the chat conversations from these files using various software.

Now that we’ve identified some of the strategies, let’s explain them in more detail:

Method 1: Using Screen Recording

This is the simplest method for Android and iOS devices:

Step 1: Access the BeReal chat you want to screenshot.

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Step 2: Press the power and volume up button simultaneously.

Step 3: The screen will begin recording, and you can navigate to the chat you want to capture. Once done, stop the recording.

Step 4: Locate the recording in your device folder and extract the frames using software such as VirtualDub or Shotcut.

Note: This method might be detected by the sender if they are vigilant.

Method 2: Using Widget Screenshot

Widget screenshot is a built-in feature for some Android devices and is a simple method:

Step 1: Access the BeReal chat you want to capture.

Step 2: Pull down the widget bar and select the widget screenshot option.

Step 3: The capture will be recorded silently and saved to your gallery folder.

Note: This method only works on certain mobile devices with built-in widget screen capture options.

Method 3: Accessing BeReal Backup Files

Step 1: Download and extract the BeReal backup files to your device using authorized software.

Step 2: Open the extracted files and select the location of the chat conversations you want to save.

Step 3: Copy and paste the chat conversation you want to screenshot to a separate folder of your device.

Note: This method is only possible if you have access to the BeReal backup files. Use authorized software to avoid damaging the device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Is it legal to screenshot BeReal without the sender’s knowledge?

A1: In some countries or areas, taking screenshots of someone’s chat conversations may be considered a violation of privacy laws. It’s better to check the rules and regulations within your location.

Q2: Will the other person be notified if I take a BeReal screenshot?

A2: No, if you use any of the methods provided in this article.

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Q3: Can I use screen recording to capture BeReal chats without being detected?

A3: Screen recording may work, but it may still be detected by the sender.

Q4: Will my BeReal account be suspended if I screenshot conversations?

A4: BeReal does not typically suspend accounts for screenshot activities, but it’s better to check with the terms of the application first.

Q5: Can I extract BeReal backup files on iOS?

A5: Unfortunately, no. Apple’s Privacy and Security Framework does not allow accessing data in that manner.

Q6: Can I use third-party software to capture BeReal’s chats?

A6: Yes, some software applications are designed to capture chats on instant messaging apps.

Q7: What is a Widget Screenshot?

A7: A widget screenshot is a feature available on some mobile devices that allows you to capture screen images without sending out a notification to the other party.


Now you have a better understanding of how to screenshot BeReal chats without alerting the sender. Make sure you understand the legal and ethical aspects of capturing someone’s chat conversation without their knowledge before proceeding.

The three methods provided in this article are a great way of capturing screenshots without being detected. Just make sure to use the correct method depending on your device specifications.

Remember, trust is an essential aspect of any relationship. Screenshotting someone’s chat conversation without their approval may shatter trust. Use the methods cautiously and only when necessary.

We hope this article has been helpful in guiding you on how to screenshot BeReal without them knowing. Stay safe and keep learning!

Disclaimer: This article is for educational and informative purposes only. The author is not responsible for any damages or legal repercussions that may arise due to the use of these methods or software.

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