How to Pin TikTok for Better Reach and Engagement


Hello, Reader Technogigs! Are you tired of posting TikTok videos that don’t receive enough views or engagement? Do you want to learn how to reach a wider audience and increase your followers on the platform? If your answer is yes, then this article is here to help you out. TikTok is an incredibly popular social media platform, but it can be challenging to get your content in front of the right people. One of the most effective ways to overcome this issue is by pinning your TikTok videos. In this article, we’ll be discussing everything you need to know about pinning TikTok videos to help you increase reach and engagement on the platform.

Before we dive straight into the topic, let’s first understand what is pinning on TikTok:

Pin video is a feature in which you can showcase a specific video at the top of your profile. It allows you to share your best content with your audience and increase the views and engagement of that particular video. TikTok creates a dedicated tab on your profile where all the pinned videos can be viewed easily without scrolling down through your feed. This feature is an excellent way to gain new followers and reach a much broader audience.

In the following sections, we’ll delve into the workings of how to pin TikTok, its pros and cons, and tips for optimizing your TikTok content for maximum engagement:

The Pros and Cons of Pinning TikTok Videos

The Pros

Pin video is a feature on TikTok that enables creators to showcase their best video content. Here are some major advantages of pinning TikTok videos:

1. Increased Visibility:

Pinning TikTok videos increase their visibility by showcasing them to your followers on your profile. This increases the chances of more views and engagement, leading to increased followers, reach, and growth.

2. Highlights Your Best Work:

Pinning videos enables creators to distinguish their best content from inferior videos. This results in highlighting your brand and content while leaving a good impression on your potential followers.

3. Greater Impact on Your Overall TikTok Content:

By pinning the highly engaging/latest/relevant content, you leave the lesser finished work aside and help maintain the profile’s quality.

4. Control Over Your Feed:

By pinning your videos and deciding which video should stay on top, creators gain more control over their feed. Moreover, this eliminates the need for creating and deleting content, leaving a better impression on the audience.

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5. Higher Engagement Rates:

Finally, pinning your videos on TikTok improves engagement because you’re prioritizing your most impactful content. As a result, TikTok’s algorithm will typically recommend your videos more often to users, providing you with more reach and growth on the platform.

The Cons

Now let’s also talk about some common disadvantages of pinning TikTok videos:

1. Limited Options:

You might not want to keep the same pinned video for a long time, but you’re limited to only one pinned video, and you can’t pin multiple videos simultaneously.

2. Lower User Interaction:

Your followers may not get as many views on the other videos on your profile since the pinned video covers the visibility of rest. They might also click on the pinned video and get redirected to another video, leaving no impact on the initially pinned video you were expecting interaction on.

3. Difficult Time Limiting The Video:

There is no option to restrict the duration of the video, meaning that the video pinned to your profile will be visible for an indefinite period

4. Over-reliant on a single video:

Pinning a video means relying on the particular video for visibility and engagement rates, which can create a hurdle in promoting the newer content on your profile.

The Step-by-Step Guide on How to Pin TikTok Videos

Are you ready to learn how to pin TikTok videos? Here is a step-by-step guide to help you pin your videos:

S.No. Steps
1 Open the TikTok app and tap on your profile picture located at the bottom right of the screen
2 Scroll down to the video that you want to pin
3 Tap on the three-dot icon located on the right side corner of the video
4 Click on ‘pin video’ from the pop-up menu that appears
5 Your selected video will now get pinned to the top of your profile.

Tips to Optimize Your TikTok Video for Maximum Engagement

Just by pinning your videos, you can’t expect them to work like charm without optimization. Here are some tips to optimize your TikTok videos for better engagement:

1. Captions

Writing compelling and creative captions is essential to grab your followers’ attention, as it gives a short insight into what your video is all about. A clear and concise explanation of what your video entails can also attract new users who come across your video.

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2. Hashtags

Hashtags enable users and the platform to categorize and explore specific content or genres. Therefore, researching and using the right hashtags relative to your video’s content can increase the viewership of the video.

3. Video Quality

TikTok prioritizes high-quality, well-lit, and engaging videos. It’s essential to invest time in creating visually appealing content with perfect lighting, composition, and engaging content.

4. Trends and Music

Keep up with the latest trends and upload videos that are important, well-timed, and make use of music that users can also enjoy and create videos on the same audio.

5. Audience Interaction

Interact with other creators and followers to increase your visibility and follow up with the reactions on your pinned videos with accurate responses, and keep posting fresh content at all times.

Tips for Effective Pinning of TikTok Videos

Here are some tips to help you make the most of the pin video feature on TikTok:

1. Pin High-Quality Videos

Pinning low-quality or irrelevant videos can hurt your profile’s impressions. Therefore, consider only pinning videos that are high-quality, informative, and engaging.

2. Pin Your Most Engaging Video

Ensure the video you’re going to pin has positive reactions, views, and engagement from your followers. Pinning a hugely engaging and viral video will help you gain new followers and customers.

3. Monitor Your Analytics

Keep a close eye on the insights of your videos and viewer interactions, as it can show you the time your audience is most active, and adjust the time accordingly for posting the pin video. You can also leverage trending challenges on TikTok to increase users’ interaction.

4. Change it Frequently

Pinning new videos on your profile frequently keeps your profile visually fresh and different, that also excites new people to follow your channel. This way, your followers will not become bored with the same pinned video, and this way, you can keep promoting newer content as well.

5. Using the Right Hashtags

ALways research and include the relevant hashtag in the caption field or video to increase the reach and visibility of all your videos, pinned and unpinned.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How long can a TikTok video be pinned?

Ans: There is no restriction on the length of the time duration for a pinned video. TikTok’s Pin Video feature only allows you to pin one video at a time.

Q2. Can I pin someone else’s video to my profile?

Ans: No, you can only pin videos that you yourself have posted on your profile. Other people’s contents cannot be featured on your profile in this way.

Q3. How do I find the ‘pin video’ option on TikTok?

Ans: After opening your profile, scroll to the video you want to pin. Tap on the video, then click the three-dot icon located on the right side corner of the video. From here, select the “pin video” option to pin that particular video to the top of your profile.

Q4. Can I pin a video that’s already been posted on TikTok?

Ans: Yes, you can pin a video that has already been posted to your profile on TikTok.

Q5. How can I make my profile look better even when the pinned video expires?

Ans: You can remove the expired video and replace it with a new pinned video or remove that pin video. Ensure that your profile’s bio, cover image, captions, quality of videos remain professional, and up-to-date, even without a pinned video. This makes sure your profile keeps attracting a broader audience that is engaged with your TikTok content.


With the vast competition on TikTok, using pin video and following the above tips we shared helps ensure that your content gets the time and attention it deserves regardless of any challenges. By understanding this feature better, you can increase your followers, interaction, and engagement rates significantly on TikTok, resulting in overall growth and success.

So, what are you waiting for? Start pinning your videos today and optimizing your TikTok content for maximum engagement. Good Luck!


This article contains information on how to pin TikTok videos for increasing engagement and reach. The information shared in the article is only for educational purposes, and we don’t take responsibility for any direct or indirect damages or consequences. Readers are advised to verify the details independently for the best results.

How to Pin TikTok