How to Trace a Fake Phone Number: A Comprehensive Guide

Trace a Fake Phone Number

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Are you tired of receiving constant calls from unknown numbers or scammers? Do you want to find out who is behind a fake phone number? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will provide you with a complete guide on how to trace a fake phone number.

First things first, let us define what a fake phone number is. A fake phone number is a phone number that is created with the intention of hiding the caller’s true identity. It could be a temporary phone number, a number create on social media, or an app that masks the caller’s identity. It is used to prank and harass individuals, commit fraud and scam, or even for criminal purposes.

Now that you have an idea of what a fake phone number is, let’s dive into the different ways of tracing it!

1. Check for Caller ID Spoofing

Caller ID spoofing is when a caller manipulates the information that appears on your phone’s caller ID to disguise their identity. They can change the name, number, or location of the call. Fortunately, there are applications and websites that can help you detect and prevent Caller ID spoofing. Apps such as Truecaller and TrapCall can help you identify the caller’s identity and reverse search their phone number. Additionally, websites like Spokeo and Whitepages can also be used to trace the fake phone number through reverse phone lookup.

1.1 Truecaller: Features and Limitations

Truecaller is a popular app that helps identify calls and block spam calls. It has over 250 million users worldwide and is available on Android and iOS. The app uses a unique algorithm that cross-references phone numbers with a database of known spammers and scammers. If the number matches, Truecaller will notify you and block the call. The app also provides the caller’s name and location based on their social media profile or public directory. However, Truecaller has its limitations. It requires internet connectivity to access its database, and it can only identify numbers that are registered on Truecaller. The privacy of users is also a concern since the app accesses your contacts to identify potential spammers. Overall, Truecaller is a useful tool for identifying spam calls, but it is not foolproof and must be used with caution.

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1.2 TrapCall: Features and Limitations

TrapCall is another app that helps trace fake phone numbers and block spam calls. It has a unique feature called “Caller ID unmasking”, which reveals the identity of unknown callers. The app works by forwarding the call to TrapCall’s database, which unmasks the caller’s number and reveals their name and location. It also provides the option to record the call and block unwanted numbers. However, TrapCall requires a subscription fee of $4.99 per month or $29.99 per year. Additionally, the app only works on smartphones and requires internet connectivity to access its service.

1.3 Spokeo and Whitepages: Features and Limitations

Spokeo and Whitepages are websites that offer reverse phone lookup services. They rely on public directories and databases to provide users with information about the caller’s identity and background checks. The websites can provide information such as the caller’s name, address, social media profile, and criminal records. Their services are not free and require a subscription fee to access the full report. It’s worth noting that these types of websites can also be used to find someone’s personal information, so it’s essential to be cautious when using them.

2. Use Law Enforcement Agencies

If the fake phone number is being used for criminal purposes or harassment, then it’s advisable to contact law enforcement agencies. You can file a complaint and report the number to the police, and they can use their resources to trace the number. However, it’s important to note that not all cases will be investigated, and the process may take some time. Sometimes, the authorities may request a court order to reveal the owner of the fake phone number. This method is recommended as a last resort.

3. Check Social Media Accounts

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram require users to sign up with a phone number. If the user has entered the fake phone number on their social media account, then it’s possible to trace it. You can search for the phone number on social media platforms and check if it’s linked to any user accounts. Once you identify the account, you can contact the platform’s support team and report the user’s behavior.

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4. Conduct an Internet Search

An internet search can also be used to trace a fake phone number. You can enter the phone number into a search engine and check if it’s linked to any website or forum. Some spam and scam websites require users to sign up with a phone number, and they can use this number to contact you in the future. You can use this to your advantage and block the number from spamming you.

5. Use Private Investigators

If all else fails, you can seek the help of a private investigator. They have the expertise and resources to trace the fake phone number and identify the caller’s identity. They can conduct a thorough background check and provide you with a comprehensive report.

Method Features Limitations
Caller ID Spoofing Detector Identifies spam and scam calls, Provides caller’s name and location. Requires Internet connectivity, Limited accuracy.
Law Enforcement Agencies Traces the fake number, Investigates criminal cases. Not all cases are investigated, May take a lot of time.
Social Media Accounts Linked to a phone number, Conducts background checks. Not all accounts are linked to phone numbers, Privacy concerns.
Internet Search Identifies spam and scam websites, Blocks future spam attempts. Low accuracy, Limited information.
Private Investigators Thorough background checks, Comprehensive reports. Costly, Time-consuming.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it legal to trace a fake phone number?

Tracing a fake phone number is legal as long as the intention is not for illegal purposes such as stalking or harassment.

2. Can I trace a fake phone number for free?

Some websites and apps offer free services to trace phone numbers, but they have their limitations and may not provide accurate results. Paid services are more comprehensive and reliable.

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3. Can I trace a phone number from a missed call?

Yes, you can trace a phone number from a missed call. Some apps and websites offer reverse phone lookup services that allow you to identify the caller’s identity.

4. Can I block a fake phone number?

Yes, you can block a fake phone number. Most smartphones have built-in features that allow you to block unwanted calls and messages.

5. Can I identify a caller’s location through their phone number?

Yes, some apps and websites offer services that identify a caller’s location based on their phone number. However, this information may not be accurate and should be used with caution.

6. Can a fake phone number be used to track my location?

No, a fake phone number cannot be used to track your location. However, if the phone number is associated with an app or service that tracks your location, then it’s possible.

7. Can I use a fake phone number for pranks?

No, using a fake phone number for pranks or harassing someone is illegal and could lead to serious consequences.


We hope this guide has helped you in tracing a fake phone number. Remember, always be cautious when dealing with unknown phone numbers and take necessary steps to protect your privacy and security. In case of emergencies, do not hesitate to contact the authorities. Stay safe and secure!

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