How to Get Rid of Continue Watching on Disney Plus

Rid of Continue Watching on Disney Plus

Greetings, Reader technogigs! As you may have noticed, Disney Plus offers a feature called “continue watching” that shows the last series or movie you watched, allowing you to pick up where you left off. However, there might be times when we want to clear our watch history and start fresh. This guide will provide you with detailed steps on how to get rid of “continue watching” on Disney Plus.


Disney Plus is definitely one of the most popular subscription-based online streaming services having a vast range of movies, TV series and Disney Originals content for its subscribers. However, even with its popular features, keeping additional content and frequently used services in sight of its customers, it has some features that might not be helpful to the subscribers. One of such features which individuals want to remove from their Disney Plus account is the “continue watching” feature. How to get rid of “continue watching” is the biggest concern for individuals that are reluctant in front of kid watching activities. If you are among of them, you are at the right place to find solutions to your concerns, how to get rid of “continue watching on Disney Plus”? Here are a few easy steps that you can follow to get rid of “continue watching.”

Disney Plus offers thousands of options to users when they log in to their accounts. You can choose from movies, TV shows, animations, documentaries, and even behind the scenes content. However, once you start watching one of these, you begin to accrue a viewing history. This can be an annoyance if you want a fresh experience. So, in this regard, Disney Plus has brought an option for its subscribers that they can delete the “continue watching” list if they want to. Scroll down to read about the detailed method.

If you’re looking to clear your Disney Plus viewing history, it’s a good idea to understand the feature and its implications. Let’s dive into the functionality of the “continue watching” feature before we move on to ways of removing it.

What is Disney Plus’s “Continue Watching” Feature?

“Continue Watching” is a feature on Disney Plus that automatically keeps track of what you’ve been watching so that you can come back and pick up where you left off. It’s similar to other online streaming services that offer this feature, such as Netflix and Hulu.

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The feature is useful for people who have to pause a show or movie in the middle because of any reasons, such as a phone call or domestic duties. It’s a convenient way of keeping track of viewership without having to search for everything again manually.

While the “continue watching” feature has its pros, the disadvantage is that it stops subscribers from starting something fresh and new. Since Disney Plus automatically recommends the most recent stoppage, users might feel compelled to continue a series they were unsatisfied with or aren’t interested in anymore. So, it is better to know how to get rid of “continue watching” and start fresh.

How to Delete “Continue Watching” on Disney Plus?

Deleting the “continue watching” list on Disney Plus is a relatively simple process. Follow these simple steps:

Steps to Delete “Continue Watching”

Step Number Step Summary
Step 1 Login to your Disney Plus account
Step 2 On the homepage, scroll through your “continue watching” list
Step 3 Choose the program you want to delete from the list
Step 4 Click on the new “remove from continue watching” option
Step 5 A confirmation message will appear, click “OK.”
Step 6 Exit the “continue watching” feature to see that the previously viewed program is removed from the list

Congratulations! Your “continue watching” list on Disney Plus has been successfully cleared. In case you find it difficult to follow or need extra assistance, you can refer to the more detailed information in the following sections and FAQs.

Strengths and Weaknesses of “Continue Watching” on Disney Plus


The “continue watching” feature on Disney Plus has some significant benefits:

1. Convenience

It’s a convenient way to pick up where you left off on a show or movie. No one likes re-browsing through the entire library to find the particular thing you left half-done.

2. Navigation

The feature also enables faster navigation through various shows and movies by keeping track of what you’ve already viewed.

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3. Useful for Kids

The “continue watching” feature is particularly helpful for kids who find it difficult to navigate through the entire library. They can quickly scan the “continue watching” list instead.


The “continue watching” feature not only has its pros but some cons too that include:

1. Privacy Concerns

Users might not want others seeing what they’ve been watching and the algorithms Disney Plus uses might recommend related or similar content to the recent viewing history.

2. Misleading Recommendations

The “continue watching” feature might recommend unsatisfactory content to users, and they might feel compelled to continue watching shows they found uninteresting, affecting their experience on the platform.

3. Need for Fresh Content

Some users find old shows or movies on their “continue watching” list when they want to start something new. It becomes difficult to gauge which is which and can lead to frustration among viewers.

4. No Option to Turn it Off

Unlike Netflix and other online streaming services, users cannot turn off the “continue watching” feature on Disney Plus. Turning off this feature could free up space in the user interface for other things subscribers might value more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What happens when I delete my “continue watching” list on Disney Plus?

A: When you delete your “continue watching” list on Disney Plus, deleted shows and movies will no longer appear on your list of recently watched titles, and the algorithm will no longer suggest new content based on them. This action is irreversible.

Q2: Can I delete an individual episode of a series instead of the entire series?

A: Currently, the option to delete an individual episode of a series from your “continue watching” list is not available. You can only delete an entire series.

Q3: Does clearing my “continue watching” list remove a title from my overall viewing history?

A: No, deleting the “continue watching” list will only remove the program from the “continue watching” list. It will remain in your overall viewing history.

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Q4: Will deleting a title from “continue watching” affect the algorithm’s suggestions?

A: Yes, when you delete titles from your watch list, it removes them from the recently viewed section, and it slows down the algorithm’s suggestions.

Q5: How long does it take for the program to be deleted from the “continue watching” list?

A: The program is typically removed from the “continue watching” list immediately after you select the “remove from continue watching” option. However, it may take some time, depending on the server load and internet speed.

Q6: What are the benefits of removing “continue watching” on Disney Plus?

A: Removing or deleting “continue watching” provides a vast range of benefits, such as clearing your viewing history, removing both satisfactory and unsatisfactory content, increasing privacy, combating misleading recommendations, and freeing up space in the interface.

Q7: Can I create multiple Disney Plus accounts?

A: Yes, Disney Plus allows you to create multiple accounts under a single subscription. Each individual account has personalized settings, viewing history, watchlists, and recommendations based on what the particular account viewed and prefers.


Disney Plus continues to be a popular subscription-based online streaming service offering a wide variety of shows, movies, and exclusive Disney content. The “continue watching” feature is an advantageous feature, but it can also be frustrating for some subscribers. If you’re not interested in using this feature or want to clear your viewing history, it’s relatively easy to do so. I hope this guide on how to get rid of “continue watching” on Disney Plus has helped you. Follow these simple steps and clear your viewing history whenever you feel like starting fresh.

Deleting the “continue watching” list has many benefits and some drawbacks. It increases privacy, improves user guiding, avoids misleading recommendations, and clears space in the interface, but it slows down the algorithm’s suggestions by slowing down the indication on what you like/didn’t like. However, it’s up to you to decide if erasing these benefits is beneficial to your overall Disney Plus experience.

Always be mindful and make informed choices, Reader technogigs.