How to Connect to Hotel WiFi PS5

Hello Reader technogigs, welcome to our guide on connecting your PS5 to hotel WiFi.

Travelling with your PS5 can be an exciting experience, but connecting it to vital services such as the hotel WiFi may pose serious challenges. This is because such networks usually require log-in credentials and the PS5 doesn’t have a web browser.

Nevertheless, the following guide will take you through the steps on how to connect your PS5 to the hotel WiFi to ensure an immersive experience during your travels.

How to Connect to Hotel WiFi PS5


Connecting PS5 to Hotel WiFi comes with its strengths as shown below.

Easy and Convenient

Connecting your PS5 to the hotel WiFi is convenient as you do not need to carry your own modem or router. It is also not complicated once you grasp the process.


Using the hotel WiFi means that you don’t need to buy a new connection package. You can save money using the hotel’s WiFi while enjoying your gaming experience.

No Interruptions

You can enjoy uninterrupted gaming when you connect to the hotel WiFi. You do not need to worry about any service disruption, since the hotel usually offers a stable internet service.

Improved Speed

Hotels usually offer high-speed internet connections, with a dedicated bandwidth for gaming activities. This translates to a better and faster gaming experience on your PS5.

Online Service

Connecting to hotel WiFi allows online gaming and streaming services using your PS5.

Unlimited Data

The hotel WiFi usually provides unlimited data, allowing you to have access to the internet for as long as you would like.

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Secured Connection

The hotel WiFi connection is usually secure, as most hotels have strict security measures in place to protect the user’s information.


There are also limitations when it comes to connecting your PS5 to a hotel WiFi:

Limitations in Bandwidth

The hotel’s internet service usually has available bandwidth limitations. Thus, you could experience slow internet speeds.

Network Connection Unavailability

The hotel WiFi could be down or unavailable. This could lead to delays in your gaming or streaming experience.

Interface Connection

The PS5 console lacks a web browser, making it not possible to sign in to a hotel Wifi interface page that requires log-in credentials.

Security Threats

Since most hotel WiFi has open networks, there could be security threats from hackers and cybercriminals to your online activities, which is also one of the major reasons why PS5 will not connect.

Online Gaming Interruption

When connected to the hotel WiFi, if there is any interruption, it can affect your online gaming performance.

Noisy Environment

Finally, the hotel environment can be quite noisy, which is not suitable for a comfortable gaming experience.

Steps to Connect PS5 to Hotel WiFi

Here are the steps to connect your PS5 to the hotel WiFi:

No. Steps
1 Set up your PS5 in your hotel.
2 Turn on your PS5.
3 Press the PS button on your controller.
4 Navigate to the settings tab on the dashboard.
5 Select the ‘Network tab.’
6 Select the ‘Set up Internet Connection’ option.
7 Select ‘WiFi’.
8 Choose your hotel WiFi from the available networks list
9 If required, enter a password or any other login credentials provided for the network.
10 Choose the automatic IP address option.
11 Wait for IP and DNS addresses to complete the automatic configuration.
12 Continue configuring the network connection with all of the default values.
13 Enjoy your uninterrupted gaming experience.
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Q1. Is it safe to connect PS5 to hotel Wifi?

It is generally safe to connect your ps5 to the hotel WiFi if you take the necessary precautions such as using a VPN and installing an antivirus software to protect your device from cyber threats.

Q2. Why won’t my PS5 connect to the hotel WiFi?

Ensure that the hotel Wi-Fi signal is strong enough to connect to your PS5. Go to your device’s network settings and check if you are entering the correct network credentials. Update your device software, disable MAC address filtering and reset your network settings on your PS5 and try again.

Q3. What happens if I cannot connect to the hotel WiFi?

If you cannot connect to the hotel’s WiFi, you can try using your mobile to create a hotspot or buy a travel router to create your own WiFi hotspot.

Q4. Can I play games online using my PS5 on hotel WiFi?

You can play games online using the hotel WiFi provided you have a strong and stable connection.

Q5. Do I need to pay to connect my PS5 to the hotel WiFi?

The hotel WiFi connection is usually included in the hotel service charge, which means you won’t have to pay extra to connect your PS5.

Q6. Do I always need to enter login credentials to connect PS5 to the hotel WiFi?

A few hotels don’t require any login credentials which means that you will not need to enter any login credentials to access the WiFi.

Q7. Can I connect my PS5 to the hotel’s wired internet connection?

You can connect your PS5 to the hotel’s wired internet using a LAN cable, but it can be complicated and might require the help of a hotel IT specialist.

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Now that you know the steps involved in connecting your PS5 to hotel WiFi, you can enjoy uninterrupted and excellent gaming experience even on your travels. Ensure that you stay updated with the latest software updates and be sure to have a VPN and antivirus software installed on your device. Follow the above steps and enjoy a safe and immersive gaming experience wherever you go.

We hope that this guide was useful and informative. Now it’s your turn. Have you ever connected your PS5 to a hotel’s wifi? What was your experience? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!


This article aims to provide general information to readers. The information provided above is correct and valid during the time of writing this article. The article is not responsible for technical errors, service outages or errors that may occur after the mentioned period. The reader is advised to practice caution when attempting to connect their PS5 to the hotel WiFi network to protect themselves from cyber threats.