How to Change Kindle App to Dark Mode

The Ultimate Guide to Switching to Dark Mode on Kindle

Greetings Reader technogigs! The Kindle app is a popular e-reading application that many people use to read their favorite books on mobile devices. The app comes with various features that make it simple and convenient for users to manage their reading experience. One such feature is the ability to switch from the standard light to the darker setting, providing users with more readable and comfortable reading experience. The dark mode does not only provide visual relief to the eyes but also extends the battery life of your device. In this guide, we’ll walk you through all the necessary steps and provide helpful tips for enabling dark mode on your Kindle app.

How to change Kindle app to dark mode


The Kindle app is an excellent application for book lovers who want to read their favorite books while on-the-go. The app comes in two themes, the standard light mode and the dark mode. The dark mode, which reverses the typical white background and black text to black background and white text, can be useful when reading in low-light or night-time conditions. Dark mode makes it easier and more comfortable to read, while also reducing the strain on your eyes. It is an excellent setting for those who love to read a lot of texts and those who are visually challenged.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to change your Kindle app to dark mode with ease. We’ll also talk about the benefits and challenges of using the dark mode and provide helpful tips for enhancing your reading experience. So, let’s dive in!

Benefits of Dark Mode

The dark mode has several benefits that make it an ideal setting for people who love to read books on their mobile devices. Some of these benefits include:

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Protects your Eyes

The light from your device screen can cause eye strain, fatigue, and even insomnia, especially when you read for long hours. The dark mode helps minimize eye strain and fatigue by reducing blue light emission, a range of the visible light spectrum that interferes with sleep and harms your eyes.

Energy Efficient

Another benefit of using the Kindle app dark mode is that it conserves the battery life of your device. Since the white pixels surrounding text consume more energy, the dark mode lowers the screen’s brightness, causing the battery to last longer. This can be helpful if you read for long hours without access to a charging point.

Better Readability

In some low light settings, the light mode on your kindle app may be uncomfortable and unreadable. The dark mode provides better readability, as it contrasts against the dim background, making it easier to read.

Health Benefits

Besides reducing eye strain and eye fatigue, the dark mode can also help you reduce your exposure to harmful radiation that may harm your eyes and cause several illnesses.

Cons of Dark Mode

While there are many benefits to using the dark mode option on your Kindle app, there are also some downsides that you should consider which include:

Color Reproduction

Sometimes, the dark mode may not reproduce the colors of your books as accurately as the light mode does. The dark mode tends to mute the hues, making it hard to distinguish between similarly colored objects.

Not Suitable for Everyone

The dark mode may not be optimal for individuals who are used to light backgrounds or those with sensitivity issues. Some individuals may find the switch from a light theme to a dark one disorienting, especially if they have visual impairments.

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Not All Applications Support it

Although the dark mode is becoming increasingly popular among app developers, not all applications support the feature. If you prefer using a dark mode, some apps may disappoint you since they won’t support it. It is, therefore, essential to check which application supports the dark theme before installing it on your device.

How to Change Kindle App to Dark Mode

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to changing your Kindle App to Dark Mode:

Step Number Steps
Step 1 Open the Kindle app on your mobile device
Step 2 Click on the three-line menu tabs to open the settings options
Step 3 Select the “display settings” option
Step 4 Toggle the “Dark mode” feature on or off (depending on your preference)
Step 5 Save your settings
Step 6 Close and re-open the Kindle app to see the effect of the dark mode theme on your books.


1. How do I use the Kindle app dark mode feature?

To activate this feature, go to the display settings of your Kindle app, select “Dark mode” and toggle the switch on

2. Can the dark mode feature affect battery life on my device?

Yes, because the black pixels under the dark mode help to conserve your device’s battery.

3. Is dark mode better for reading in the dark?

Yes, because it helps minimize the amount of light that hits your eyes, reducing eye-strains and migraines.

4. Can I customize dark mode to my preference?

Yes, you can always adjust the black and white contrast of your device to your preference under the display setting options.

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5.Can I use dark mode with every book?

In most cases, yes. However, the dark theme setting may affect the color-reproduction of some books.

6.Do all devices support dark mode?

No, not all devices and apps support the dark mode feature. You may need to confirm first before installing the application.

7. How do I turn dark mode off on Kindle app?

To turn dark mode off, go back to the display settings and toggle the switch off.


The Kindle app is a fantastic tool that provides users with a convenient reading experience. The dark mode feature is one of its most popular features, offering users an easier and more comfortable way to read text in low light or night-time conditions. The ability to switch back and forth between the dark mode and the light mode is a convenient way to customize your reading experience. In conclusion, if you are looking to enjoy a better reading experience, switch to the dark mode setting of your Kindle app today!

We hope this guide has been enlightening and useful. Is there anything else you’d like to learn about changing Kindle app to dark mode? Let us know in the comment section below, and we’ll be sure to respond to your queries.

Happy reading!

Disclaimer: The steps and processes in this guide are solely for educational purposes. You are advised to follow the recommended guidelines of the manufacturer and/or the platform in question while using them.