How to Use Video as Screensaver: A Comprehensive Guide

Use Video as Screensaver

Hello Reader technogigs, welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to use video as screensaver. With so much focus on visual experiences, video content has become a popular choice for users to customize their devices and personalize their screensavers. While the traditional screensaver displays still images, video screensavers provide a more engaging and dynamic experience for your devices. In this article, we will explore the strengths and weaknesses of using video as screensaver and provide step-by-step instructions on how to set up a video screensaver for your device.


The screensaver became a necessity in the early days of computing to prevent screen burn-in, but today its role has evolved into a means of personalization. Screensavers provide the opportunity to add some personality and originality to your device. The static image screensavers are outdated, and video screensavers have become a preferred choice. Video screensavers offer an engaging, dynamic, and aesthetic experience that can be customized to preference.

In this article, we will be discussing how one can use video as their screensaver. We will explore the strengths and weaknesses of video screensavers and provide a step-by-step guide to set up your device’s screensaver.

Why Video Is a Great Screensaver Option

There are many benefits of using video as a screensaver. Video content can breathe life into your device and create a more engaging visual experience. Here’s a look at some of the primary advantages that video screensavers bring to the table:



One of the significant advantages of using video screensavers is customization. You can choose any video that you like and use it as your screensaver. Be it your favorite moments from a movie, a music video, or a time-lapse of a beautiful landscape, everything can be used as your screensaver.

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Dynamic Experience:

Video screensavers provide a more dynamic experience than still screensavers. As the video plays on a loop, it creates a sense of motion and animation, making the image more eye-catching and visually appealing.


With a video screensaver, you can transform your boring moments into entertaining ones. Watching videos that you like can bring you joy and help you relax.


A video screensaver allows you to personalize your device closer to your personal preferences. A screensaver that includes your favorite videos can make your desktop feel more like your own.


Possible Battery and Resource Drain:

Video screensavers may take up more resources than their image counterparts, causing your device to drain faster. This problem is most common in portable devices.


While video screensavers can be engaging and entertaining, they can also be quite distracting. They may hinder productivity and work-related tasks.

How to Use Video as Screensaver

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to set up video as your screensaver:

Steps Instructional Text
Step #1 Choose a video that you would like to use as your screensaver. Make sure that it is in a compatible file format and size with your device.
Step #2 Save the video to your device’s hard drive and remember its location.
Step #3 Right-click on your desktop and choose “Personalize.”
Step #4 Click on “Screen Saver” at the bottom of the Personalization window.
Step #5 Click on the drop-down menu located under “Screen Saver” and select “Photos.”
Step #6 Click on “Settings” to access the Photos settings menu.
Step #7 Click on “Browse” within the “Photos” settings menu and select the video that you saved to your device in Step 2.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Video Screensaver

Can I use any video as my screensaver?

Yes, you can use any video that you like as your screensaver as long as it is in a compatible file format and size with your device.

Do video screensavers drain my device’s battery?

Video screensavers may take up more resources than their image counterparts, which could lead to faster battery drainage on mobile devices.

Can video screensavers be distracting?

While video screensavers can add visual appeal to your device, they may also be distracting and affect your productivity.

How can I avoid battery drainage with video screensavers?

One way to avoid battery drainage is to limit the duration of the screensaver or disable the screensaver entirely.

Can I convert a video into a screensaver format?

Yes, you can convert a video into a screensaver format using specialized software.

How long should my video screensaver be?

The length of your video screensaver should depend on your preference or device capabilities. Generally, shorter videos will loop more often and create greater visual interest.

Can I have multiple video screensavers?

Yes, you can have multiple videos that rotate as screensavers.

Is there a way to set a different screensaver for each monitor?

Yes, you can set different screensavers for each monitor through your device’s settings.

Can I add music to my video screensaver?

Yes, you can add music to video screensavers using specialized software or editing tools.

Can I pause my video screensaver?

Yes, you can pause your video screensaver by pressing any key or moving the mouse.

How do I minimize the distraction caused by video screensavers?

One way to minimize the distraction is to set the duration of the screensaver to be shorter.

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Can I use GIFs as my screensaver?

Yes, you can use GIFs as screensavers.

Can I set up my screensaver to activate only when I am not using the device?

Yes, you can enable screensavers to activate when you’re not using your device by setting the duration of inactivity required before the screensaver comes on.


In conclusion, using video as screensavers adds personality and life to your device. With its customization and dynamic features, video screensavers provide a theoretical experience. While there are some drawbacks, like increased battery usage and distraction, those can be mitigated. Overall, video screensavers are an excellent way to add some personality and character to the devices you use daily.

We hope this guide has been helpful. Try out the steps in this article and see how it transforms your device.

Thank you for reading. Happy personalizing!

Note: The information in this article is for informational purposes only. The authors do not take any responsibility for any harm caused by the application or misuse of the techniques discussed herein.