How to Subtotal in Google Sheets

How to Subtotal in Google Sheets

Subtotal in Google Sheets

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Google Sheets is a popular web-based spreadsheet software designed to make data analysis and management easier for individuals and businesses. It offers many features including the ability to categorize and organize data with subtotals. Subtotal is a useful tool for anyone looking to simplify complex data analysis. The feature automates the grouping of data for easy analysis and organization. Read on to learn how to use the subtotal feature in Google Sheets.


Google Sheets is a powerful tool that allows you to build and organize spreadsheets. One of its features is the ability to categorize and summarize data with subtotals. This feature has been a go-to for many individuals and businesses looking to analyze and manage their data accurately and efficiently. The feature enables automatic grouping, which comes in handy when analyzing large datasets. The purpose of this article is to provide detailed guidance on how to utilize the subtotals feature in Google Sheets to its fullest.

Let’s explore the strengths and weaknesses of the feature, and its practical applications in the world of data analysis.

Strengths of Subtotal in Google Sheets

1. The ability to automatically group data.

Subtotal feature in Google Sheets makes it easy to organize and categorize data without the need to perform complex formulas. The feature groups data automatically based on selected criteria, making it easy for users to analyze subsets of their data.

2. Increases efficiency in data analysis.

The ability to categorize and organize data using subtotals improves productivity in data analysis. The feature automates the process by allowing users to perform calculations and analysis faster than traditional methods.

3. Provides an easy-to-use interface.

The interface of the subtotal feature in Google Sheets is user-friendly, making it easy for users to navigate and apply the feature. The interface has been designed to be intuitive, making it easy for both advanced and novice users to use the feature accurately.

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4. Allows for flexible grouping options.

Subtotal feature in Google Sheets allows users to group data by various criteria such as day, time, and month. This flexibility offers greater convenience in data analysis, making it easier to analyze subsets of data based on specific needs.

5. Provides readable and accurate results.

The feature generates a readable and accurate summary of the subtotals generated, facilitating easier interpretation of data.

6. Saves time in data analysis.

The feature enables users to complete data analysis in a shorter period compared to manual methods, resulting in heightened efficiency.

Weaknesses of Subtotal in Google Sheets

1. Limited sorting capabilities.

Although the feature offers flexibility in grouping options, there are limitations in sorting options. Users may not be able to sort data by specific criteria such as text color and font size.

2. Introducing errors in data analysis.

Users may introduce errors in their data analysis if they do not pay attention to the accuracy of the criteria they use to group data, leading to incorrect calculations of subtotals.

3. Limited formatting options.

When using the subtotal feature, users have limited formatting options compared to manual methods.

4. Complexity with large datasets.

Using the feature with large datasets may result in performance issues such as slower response times, affecting the efficiency of the analysis.

How to Use Subtotal in Google Sheets

To use the subtotal feature in Google Sheets, follow these steps:

Step Instruction
1 Select the dataset you wish to analyze.
2 Click on “Data” in the menu bar.
3 Select “Sort Sheet by Column.”
4 Select the column you want to group the data by.
5 Click on “Data.”
6 Select “Subtotal.”
7 Select the column you want to subtotal.
8 Select the function you want to apply to the data, such as “Sum.”
9 Click on “Add another subtotal” to group the data further if necessary.
10 Click “OK.”
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the Subtotal Feature be Undone?

Yes, the Subtotal feature can be undone by clicking on “Data,” then selecting “Subtotal” and from there, proceeding to click “remove all.”

2. How Many Levels of Grouping are Supported by Subtotal in Google Sheets?

The number of levels of grouping supported varies by the number of column selections.

3. Can Subtotal Feature be Used to Count Text Cells?

Yes, the feature can be used to count text cells by using the “Count” function.

4. How Accurate are the Results Generated by the Subtotal Feature?

The results generated by the feature are accurate and correct to the best of the criteria used by the user.

5. What is the Maximum Dataset Size for Subtotal Feature in Google Sheets?

The maximum dataset size depends on the specifications of the device being used. However, the feature will start to lag when there are over 10,000 rows.

6. Can One Manually Sort the Data After Applying the Subtotal Feature?

Yes, it is possible to manually sort data after applying the Subtotal feature.

7. Can Multiple Functions be Applied on a Single Data Set?

Yes, multiple functions can be applied on a single dataset.

8. Can Subtotal be Applied on Non-Digit Columns?

Yes, Subtotal can be applied on non-digit columns, such as date and text columns.

9. Can the Subtotal Function be Used on Google Sheets Mobile Applications?

Yes, the Subtotal function is available on Google Sheets mobile applications.

10. Can Subtotal be Used on Google Sheets Offline?

Yes, Subtotal can be used on Google Sheets offline, provided that the feature has been enabled during the initial use of the feature.

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11. Can One Visualize the Final Result of Subtotal in a Chart Format?

Yes, one can visualize the final result of Subtotal in a chart format.

12. Is There an Undo Function When Using Subtotal?

Yes, there is an Undo function when using the Subtotal feature.

13. Can One Create Custom Functions to use in Subtotal Feature?

No, one cannot create custom functions to use Subtotal feature.


Google Sheets is a powerful tool that enables users to operate with data using various features including subtotaling. The data analysis is simplified due to the feature’s user-friendliness, flexibility, and time-saving capabilities. The feature, however, is not without its limitations. Issues such as complexity in large datasets, limited sorting and formatting capabilities, and errors in data analysis plague the feature. Nonetheless, the benefits of using Subtotal in Google Sheets beget its shortcomings and make it an important tool for data analysis. We hope this article has shed some light on how to use the feature and its strengths and weaknesses, giving you the confidence to use it effectively when required.

Take advantage of the feature today, and improve your data analysis experience!

Closing Words

In conclusion, the use of Subtotal in Google Sheets is a powerful tool for data analysis, not only in its usability but also its efficiency. As with any tool, there are strengths and weaknesses that need to be considered before use. We urge caution when using the feature, making sure that all criteria for data analysis are precise, and accurate to prevent errors. Remember that with the proper use of the feature, the benefits received will be vast.

Thank you for reading this article on how to subtotal in Google Sheets. We hope you find this useful in your data analysis endeavors.