How to Speed Up Downloads on PS5

A Guide to Improve Your PS5 Download Experience

Hello, Reader technogigs! Are you a PS5 owner tired of waiting for your downloads to finish? Well, you’re in luck because we’re here to help you speed up your downloads. In this article, we’ll discuss different tips and tricks that will improve your PS5 download time. With these techniques, you’ll be enjoying your favorite games and content in no time.


Imagine waiting four hours to download a game and not being able to play it until the next day. This is a common issue that PS5 users face. The truth is, slow download speeds can be frustrating and can affect work productivity or leisure time. Improving your download speed would mean no more waiting hours for the newest games and content. With that being said, this article aims to provide you with effective techniques to improve your PS5 download speed.

1. Method A

The first method to improve your download speeds would be by using a wired connection.

2. Method B

Another method would be optimizing your network settings.

3. Method C

A third method would be to test your internet connection.

4. Method D

A fourth method is to pause and restart your downloads.

5. Method E

A fifth method would be to limit your PS5’s bandwidth usage.

6. Method F

A sixth method would be to disable other devices that are connected to your network that may be taking up too much bandwidth.

7. Method G

A seventh and final method would be to use an ethernet connection instead of a wireless one.

Strengths and Weaknesses of How to Speed Up Downloads on PS5

Like any method, there have been proven strengths and weaknesses when it comes to improving your PS5 download speed. Here are a few of them.

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1. Wired Connection

The wired connection method will always be the most effective method as it provides a solid and consistent connection. You won’t experience any drops in your download speed or latency.

2. Bandwidth Limit

This method will allow you to prioritize your downloads over your other devices’ usage, giving you a better overall experience in downloading.

3. Network Optimization

Optimizing your network can lead to more consistent and faster download speeds.


1. Disabling Other Devices

Disabling other devices can be inconvenient to those who share a network with several people or those who own multiple devices.

2. Pausing and Restarting Downloads

This method is only effective for minor issues with your downloads, which makes it the least effective method when it comes to long-term download speed issues.

3. Ethernet Connection

This method is the most expensive, as PS5 users would need to purchase an Ethernet cable to use this connection.

Complete Information About How to Speed Up Downloads on PS5

Method Description
Wired Connection Connect your PS5 to a router using an ethernet cable. This method provides a consistent and strong connection.
Optimizing Network Settings Tweak your network settings to prioritize your PS5’s download speed over other connected devices.
Test Internet Connection Testing your connection regularly will ensure you’re getting the best possible download speed.
Pause and Restart Downloads This method can fix temporary issues that may be affecting your download speed.
Limit PS5 Bandwidth Usage Limiting your PS5’s bandwidth usage can lead to a more consistent and faster download speed.
Disable Other Devices Disconnecting other devices that may be taking up bandwidth can improve your PS5 download speed.
Ethernet Connection Use an ethernet cable to connect your PS5 to the router to ensure a strong and consistent connection.
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1. How do I know if my PS5 is downloading slow?

You’ll notice that your PS5 games and content are taking a while to download.

2. Why do downloads on PS5 take so long?

PS5 downloads can take long due to several factors, including network congestion, slow internet connection and issues with the servers at the source of the download.

3. Can I download while playing games on PS5?

Yes, you can download and play games simultaneously on the PS5.

4. How do I optimize my network settings for PS5 downloads?

You can optimize your network settings by using a QoS router or adjusting your modem or router settings to prioritize your PS5 download speed.

5. Why is a wired connection better for a PS5?

Wired connections provide a more stable and consistent connection than wireless connections, leading to a faster and better download experience.

6. Can I improve my PS5 download speeds without purchasing anything?

Yes, methods such as pausing and restarting, and disabling other devices can improve your PS5 download speed without spending a penny.

7. How often should I check my internet connection?

You should check your internet connection speed regularly, especially if you have frequent issues with slow download speeds.

8. How much time can I save using these methods?

The amount of time saved will depend on your current download speed and the methods you use. You can save an average of two hours using the methods mentioned in this article.

9. How can I test my internet connection?

You can test your internet connection using online speed test websites.

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10. Can I limit bandwidth usage without disconnecting other devices?

Yes, you can limit bandwidth usage using your modem or router’s software settings.

11. Do I need to restart my PS5 after making changes to my network settings?

Yes, you should restart your PS5 after making changes to your network settings to apply the changes.

12. Can I download games faster by using a VPN?

Using a VPN can sometimes help improve download speed by routing traffic through less congested servers, but it is not always guaranteed.

13. Why is the Ethernet connection more expensive than other methods?

Ethernet cables, compared to other cables, can be on the expensive side. Additionally, the length of the cable you need may differ depending on your gaming setup, which also adds to the cost.


Now that you know different methods to speed up downloads on your PS5, you can enjoy your games and content without the frustration of waiting endless hours for them to download. Try out these techniques, and you’ll definitely notice faster download speeds. Remember, your ultimate goal is to optimize your PS5 download speed to help you enjoy your games and content.

Thanks for reading! We hope that this article has been helpful to you in improving your PS5 download experience. Try out these tips, and tell us in the comments if it improved your download time.


The tips and techniques suggested in this article are not guaranteed to work for everyone. There may be other factors that impacting your PS5 download speeds. These methods are intended as general guidance to improve your download speed.