How to See Retakes on BeReal – Your Ultimate Guide

Retakes on BeReal

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Are you struggling with finding retakes on BeReal? Are you having a difficult time navigating the platform? Fret not, as we have got you covered with this comprehensive guide on how to see retakes on BeReal. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about retakes on BeReal, how to access them, and their importance. So, why wait? Let’s dive right in!

BeReal is an educational platform that provides users with access to interactive online courses and personalized learning experiences. One of the platform’s incredible features is its ability to offer students retakes of assignments, quizzes, and tests. Retakes are pivotal, especially for students who need extra practice and revision before acing their courses. However, navigating the platform to access these retakes can be a daunting task for some students.

Fortunately, in this article, we will demystify the process of finding retakes on BeReal. First, let’s understand how the platform works.

Understanding the BeReal Platform

BeReal was created to cater to students’ learning needs, making it easy for them to access educational resources and help them achieve their academic goals. The platform offers online courses, tests, quizzes, and assignments for students to complete. Each course has a grading system, and students can track their progress using their dashboard.

After completing an assignment, quiz, or test, students get a grade based on their performance. If a student does not attain their desired grade, they can retake the assessment to improve it. It’s important to note that your instructor determines the number of retakes per assessment.

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Now that we have understood the basics of BeReal, let’s explore how to access retakes on BeReal.

Steps to See Retakes on BeReal

It’s easy to access retakes on BeReal by following the simple steps below:

Step Description
Step 1 Go to the BeReal homepage and log in using your credentials.
Step 2 Select the course for which you want to access retakes.
Step 3 Scroll down to the section labeled “Assessments.”
Step 4 Select the assessment you want to retake.
Step 5 Click on the “Retake” button.
Step 6 Complete the assessment and get your new grade.

It’s that simple! However, accessing retakes on BeReal has its strengths and weaknesses, which we will explore in the following section.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the BeReal Retake Feature


1. Offers Extra Practice

Retakes are a great way for students to get extra practice and work on their weak areas.

2. Improves Student Performance

Retaking an assessment helps students understand their mistakes and improve their grades, boosting their confidence and performance.

3. Personalized Learning Experience

BeReal provides a personalized learning experience to students, allowing them to learn at their own pace and tailor their learning to their specific needs.


1. Limited Retakes

Retakes are only available based on the instructor’s decision, limiting students’ ability to practice as independently as they would like.

2. Possible Grade Decrease

Retaking an assessment can result in a lower grade than the original grade, which can be demotivating for some students.

3. Lack of Retake Feedback

BeReal does not provide feedback on retakes or information on how to improve grades in future assessments.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Retakes on BeReal

1. How many times can I retake an assessment?

The number of retakes depends on your instructor’s decision, and it varies per course.

2. Can I see my original grade after retaking the assessment?

Yes, you can view your original grade on your BeReal dashboard.

3. Will my original grade change if I retake the assessment?

No, your original grade remains the same, but BeReal calculates your new grade based on your retake score.

4. How long do I have to complete the retake assessment?

The time limit for the retake assessment depends on your instructor’s decision.

5. What happens if I score lower on the retake assessment?

Your new grade will be calculated based on the retake assessment score, but your original grade still stands.

6. Can I retake an assignment, quiz, and test?

Yes, retakes are available for assignments, quizzes, and tests.

7. Is there a fee to retake an assessment?

No, there are no fees to retake an assessment on BeReal.

8. How do I know if I am eligible for a retake?

Your instructor will provide you with the criteria that must be met to become eligible for a retake.

9. Can retaking assessments increase my GPA?

Retaking an assessment to improve your grade can positively impact your GPA.

10. Are there any time restrictions for retakes?

Yes, the instructor sets the time restriction for retakes.

11. Can I access retakes without an internet connection?

No, retakes are available on BeReal, an online platform, requiring internet connectivity.

12. Can I view my performance improvement over time?

Yes, BeReal provides a dashboard designed to track your performance progress and improvements.

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13. Can I see other students’ retake scores?

No, BeReal keeps retake scores confidential.


Retakes on BeReal are a useful feature that allows students extra practice and a chance to improve their grades. However, it’s essential to understand their strengths and weaknesses before utilizing them fully. In this article, we covered everything about how users can access retakes on BeReal, how the feature works, and its pros and cons.

We hope that this article has met your expectations and answered all your questions regarding retakes on BeReal. So, what are you waiting for? Head to the platform and start practicing!

Disclaimer: Information provided in this article is for educational purposes only, and any actions you take are at your discretion.