How to Locate Apple Pencil


Hello Reader technogigs! Are you tired of always misplacing your Apple Pencil? Fret not, for we have compiled a comprehensive guide on how to locate it easily. Apple Pencil is an essential tool for many creatives, and losing it is not only stressful but also impacts productivity. In this article, we will explore different ways to keep track of your Apple Pencil and locate it quickly.

Apple Pencil is a popular tool, but its small size makes it easy to misplace. If you lose it, it can be frustrating to buy a replacement, and it can be quite costly. Fortunately, there are several ways to prevent misplacing it and ensure you always know where it is. In this article, we will provide you with all the possible ways of locating your Apple Pencil effortlessly.

In this article, we will discuss the different methods of finding your lost Apple Pencil. We will consider various strengths and weaknesses of each method. Afterward, we will provide a table with all the critical information you need about locating your Apple Pencil and answer a few FAQs to address any lingering concerns. So, let’s dive in!

Strengths and Weaknesses of How to Locate Apple Pencil

Method 1: Find My App

The Find My app is a reliable way of locating your Apple Pencil as long as it is paired with your iPad. The app shows the last known location of your Apple Pencil on a map. It also has a play sound feature that helps you locate your pencil easily even when it’s out of sight. However, suppose the Apple Pencil is out of range and out of the Bluetooth connection with your iPad. In that case, you will not be able to locate it using the Find My app.

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Method 2: Use a Tile Tracker

A Tile Tracker can help you locate your Apple Pencil as long as it’s within the range of the Bluetooth connection with your iPhone. The tracker alerts you when you move out of range providing timely reminders not to leave your Apple Pencil behind. The mobile app also provides the last known location of your tile tracker on a map. However, suppose the tracker is out of range, or the battery is depleted. In that case, you won’t be able to locate it using the Tile app.

Method 3: Use Bluetooth

Using Bluetooth is another way of locating your Apple Pencil. However, this only works if it’s within the range of the Bluetooth connection with your iPad. You can use the ‘Find My Device’ feature on the device you paired with the Apple Pencil to locate it by playing a sound. Although this method is straightforward to use, it’s limiting as it only works while within range.

Method 4: Use a Third-Party App

Several third-party apps do not require pairing with your Apple Pencil, which makes them widely accessible. These apps use your device’s microphone to detect the sound produced by the Apple Pencil, making it easy to locate. However, this method is not perfect as the app is dependent on the environment’s noise level, which might impact its effectiveness.

Table with Complete Information about How to Locate Apple Pencil

Method Strengths Weaknesses
Find My App Reliable, Last Known Location, Play Sound Feature Out of Range, Bluetooth Connection Limitation
Tile Tracker Alerts, Last Known Location, Bluetooth Connection Range Out of Range, Battery Depletion Limitation
Bluetooth Simple, Easy to Use, Find My Device Bluetooth Connection Limitation
Third-Party App Widely Accessible, Microphone Detection Dependence on Environment’s Noise Level
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1. Is there a guarantee that any of these methods will always work?

No, there is no guarantee that any of these methods will always work. Some factors such as out-of-range, battery depletion, and dependence on the environment’s noise level can impact their efficiency.

2. Can I find my Apple Pencil while it’s charging?

Most of these methods only work if the Apple Pencil is within a specific range of your device’s Bluetooth connection. Therefore, it’s not easy to find the pencil if it’s charging out of range. Consider keeping your Apple Pencil within your reach while charging to minimize the chances of losing it.

3. How can I prevent losing my Apple Pencil?

You can prevent losing your Apple Pencil by keeping it in a secure place and always verifying that it’s in your possession before leaving your working space. Using a Tile Tracker or a third-party app that uses sound detection can also help in keeping track of your Apple Pencil.

4. How do I pair my Apple Pencil with my device?

You can pair your Apple Pencil with your iPad by placing the Pencil’s cap over the lightning port of your iPad. A prompt will appear on your device’s screen requesting you to pair and connect your Apple Pencil.

5. Can I locate my Apple Pencil when the battery is depleted?

If your Apple Pencil battery is depleted, you won’t be able to locate it with most of these methods since they require Bluetooth connection. Consider charging your pencil frequently to avoid running out of battery.

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6. Can I use the Find My app on a non-Apple device?

No, the Find My app only works on devices with an Apple Operating System.

7. Are there any legal issues with using a third-party app?

Using a third-party app for finding your Apple Pencil is legal. However, some apps require microphone access, which can compromise your privacy. Ensure that you download apps from reliable sources to safeguard your information.


Apple Pencil is an essential tool for creative professionals and misplacing it can be frustrating. We have discussed different ways of locating your Apple Pencil, including using the Find My app, a Tile tracker, Bluetooth, and a third-party app. Each method has its strengths and weaknesses, which we have elaborated upon in our table. We have also answered some of the critical FAQs about locating your Apple Pencil.

Finally, we urge our readers to take action on these tips and keep their Apple Pencil safe at all times. You can also share this content with others to help them keep track of their Apple Pencil too. Thank you for reading!

Closing Words

In conclusion, losing your Apple Pencil can be a nightmare, but with proper measures, it’s preventable. Always keep track of your Apple Pencil and use the methods discussed to locate it when it goes missing. Remember that prevention is always better than cure, so take good care of your Apple Pencil. Using the methods discussed above, we hope you can prevent the frustration of losing your Apple Pencil. Until next time, happy drawing!

How to Locate Apple Pencil