How to Get Rid of Reels on Facebook: A Complete Guide

Greetings, Reader technogigs! In this era of social media, Facebook has become an integral part of our online lives. From connecting with friends and family to promoting businesses, Facebook offers a range of features to its users. However, with the release of Instagram’s Reels, Facebook has added a similar feature, which has not been well-received by some users. If you are among those who are annoyed by this feature, then this article is for you. Here, we will discuss in detail how to get rid of reels on Facebook.

Get Rid of Reels on Facebook

The Introduction

Facebook Reels is a feature that allows users to create and share short videos. Similar to Instagram’s Reels, users can add music, filters, and effects to their videos. While some users find this feature entertaining and engaging, others may find it distracting and unnecessary. If you fall into the second category, worry not! There are several ways to get rid of reels on Facebook.

In the following sections, we will discuss each method in detail, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses.

Method 1: Disable Reels Notifications

If you do not want to receive notifications about reels, then this is the method for you. Follow the steps mentioned below to disable Reels Notifications:

Steps Strengths Weaknesses
1. Open the Facebook app Easy to follow Only works for notifications, not for the reels feed
2. Go to Settings & Privacy Quick and accessible Only works if you don’t want to receive notifications
3. Choose Settings Straightforward Does not completely remove reels from your feed
4. Scroll down to Notifications and select it Helps declutter your notifications Does not work on desktop
5. Look for Reels Notifications and switch it off Simple to execute Only works for notifications, not for reels

Method 2: Customize News Feed Preferences

If you want to customize your news feed preferences, then follow the steps given below:

Steps Strengths Weaknesses
1. Open Facebook Easy and accessible Requires time and effort
2. Click on the three horizontal lines in the bottom right corner Simple to execute Only works on the desktop version
3. Select “Settings & Privacy” Straightforward Requires time and effort
4. Choose “News Feed Preferences” Customizable and comprehensive Does not completely remove reels from your feed
5. Click on “Prioritize who to see first” Personalizes your news feed Requires time and effort
6. Choose the accounts who you want to see first More control over your feed Does not completely remove reels from your feed
7. Click “Done” Saves your preferences Requires time and effort
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Method 3: Unfollow Accounts with Reels

If you do not want to see reels on your newsfeed, then you can unfollow accounts with Reels. The steps are as follows:

Steps Strengths Weaknesses
1. Open the Facebook app Accessible and easy Only works for the accounts you follow
2. Locate the accounts with Reels on your newsfeed Straightforward You might miss out on posts from accounts you unfollow
3. Go to the account profile Quick and simple Does not completely remove reels from your feed
4. Click “Following” Easy to execute You might miss out on posts from accounts you unfollow
5. Click “Unfollow” Eases the clutter on your newsfeed Requires time and effort to unfollow multiple accounts

Method 4: Use Third-Party Apps

If you want to remove Reels completely from your newsfeed, then third-party apps are your go-to solution. The apps ‘F.B. Purity’ and ‘Social fixer’ are popular choices. Follow the steps below to install them:

Steps Strengths Weaknesses
1. Go to the FB Purity website Completely removes reels from your newsfeed May not be suitable for those who prefer not to use third-party apps
2. Select your web browser Available for different web browsers Requires installation
3. Install the extension Straightforward May not be available on all web browsers
4. Go to Facebook and open the FB Purity options Customizable according to your preferences Requires installation
5. Tweak the settings as per your preference Easy to execute May interfere with other Facebook functionalities

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Getting Rid of Reels on Facebook


Getting rid of Reels on Facebook can offer the following advantages:

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1. Increased productivity: Reels can be a major distraction for people trying to work or study. By getting rid of them, you can focus better on your tasks, leading to increased productivity.

2. Better newsfeed: If you do not find Reels interesting, then getting rid of them can provide you with a cleaner, more organized newsfeed.

3. Improved mental health: Social media can be overwhelming and Reels can add to it. Getting rid of them can reduce your screen time and alleviate stress levels.

4. Customizable feed: By using techniques like unfollowing accounts with Reels or installing third-party apps, you can curate a newsfeed that caters to your interests.


However, there are some drawbacks to this approach:

1. Missed opportunities: By getting rid of Reels, you may miss out on fun and engaging content.

2. Limited control: Even if you use all the techniques available, Facebook may still show you Reels at times.

3. Inaccessible on mobile: Some methods only work on the desktop version of Facebook and may not be accessible on mobile devices.

Despite these weaknesses, getting rid of Reels on Facebook can be beneficial to those who find the feature overwhelming or distracting.


1. How do I remove Reels from my Facebook feed?

There are several ways to remove Reels from your Facebook feed. You can disable notifications, customize newsfeed preferences, unfollow accounts with Reels, or install third-party apps.

2. Will getting rid of Reels affect my Facebook experience?

Getting rid of Reels may affect your Facebook experience if you enjoy the feature. However, if Reels do not interest you, then removing them can enhance your experience.

3. Can I still use Instagram Reels if I get rid of it on Facebook?

Yes, getting rid of Reels on Facebook does not affect Instagram Reels.

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4. Can I get rid of Reels on the mobile version of Facebook?

Some methods like disabling notifications and unfollowing accounts work on the mobile version of Facebook. However, techniques like accessing newsfeed preferences and using third-party apps may only work on the desktop version.

5. Is it necessary to use third-party apps to remove Reels?

No, you do not have to use third-party apps. Facebook provides in-built settings that you can use to get rid of Reels.

6. Can I get rid of Reels on Facebook temporarily?

While some methods like disabling notifications can temporarily remove Reels, others may require a permanent change in your Facebook settings.

7. What is the easiest way to get rid of Reels?

The easiest way to get rid of Reels is by disabling notifications. It is a quick and easy method to reduce clutter in your notification panel.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, getting rid of Reels on Facebook can be a personal choice. While some users may find the feature interesting, others may find it overwhelming. If you belong to the latter category, then you can use techniques like disabling notifications, customizing newsfeed preferences, unfollowing accounts with Reels, or installing third-party apps to get rid of Reels.

However, getting rid of Reels has its strengths and weaknesses. While it can increase productivity, better your newsfeed, improve mental health, and offer a customizable feed, it may also lead to missed opportunities, limited control, and inaccessibility on mobile.

We hope that this article answered all your queries about getting rid of Reels on Facebook. Choose the method that suits you the best and enjoy a clutter-free Facebook experience!

Note: The information mentioned in this article is accurate at the time of writing. However, Facebook’s algorithms and settings may change over time. Please check the Facebook Help Center or official Facebook pages for the latest information.