How to Get Free Steam Points: Tips and Tricks


Hello Reader technogigs, are you into online gaming and have a Steam account? Do you wish to purchase new games or gaming items on Steam for free? If yes, then you’re in luck! Luckily, there are several ways to get free Steam points that can be utilized to buy your favorite games or in-game items without spending a single penny. In this article, we will provide you with tips and tricks to help you get free Steam points.

Before we start, let’s get to the basics of Steam Points. Steam Points, formerly known as Steam Wallet, are a virtual currency that can be used to purchase items on Steam. You can buy these points using real money or receive them as a gift from Steam or your peers. Now, let us dive into methods to collect these points for free.

How to Get Free Steam Points?

Method 1: Playing Games that Award Steam Points

Did you know that specific games on Steam will reward you with points upon completion? These points can then be utilized to acquire new games or in-game items.

However, the games that provide Steam points are limited, and they usually require a significant amount of gameplay to achieve an acceptable number of points. One example of such a game is Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms, where players can earn points by mastering levels and unlocking achievements.

Playing these games is an excellent way to earn free Steam points after you’ve acquired a high score while enjoying your favorite games.

Method 2: Joining Steam Sales Events

Steam frequently hosts sales events where users can earn points by participating. Steam’s “Summer Sale” and “Winter Sale” include events where you can earn badges and points for completing tasks such as playing games or visiting web pages.

To access these events, visit the Steam community page, where you can find the sale details and the dates for the upcoming events.

Method 3: Joining Online Communities

Sometimes, Steam communities will provide unique promotional codes that can be redeemed for Steam points. You must connect with these groups to receive these special codes.

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You can search for groups and communities on Steam’s community page. Find and follow the groups that share promotional codes so that you won’t miss out on these perks.

Method 4: Using Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a famous platform that offers a variety of rewards for tasks you complete on the internet. One of its reward options is Steam points. You can earn Swagbucks points by filling in online surveys, watching videos, or playing games.

You can redeem your earned Swagbucks points for Steam points on their website. Additionally, Swagbucks also offers discount codes to purchase items on Steam that will save you money when buying games or in-game items.

Method 5: Utilizing Giveaways

Gaming influencers, bloggers, and Steam communities frequently hold giveaways for Steam points or games. To participate, you will need to keep an eye on their pages and follow the instructions provided.

Some popular giveaway websites are,, and Steam contests. Be cautious while participating in these promotions to avoid fraud or scams.

Method 6: Tweeting for Points

Some Steam point giveaways allow you to earn points by tweeting or sharing their pages. These promotions are not regularly available, but they are worth watching out for.

Method 7: Referring Friends

Steam has a referral program that rewards you with points for every friend you bring onto Steam. By inviting them, you’ll also earn points from their purchases, and you can use the points for Steam games or in-game items.

Strengths and weaknesses of getting free steam points


1. Free Steam points will save you money when purchasing games or in-game items.

2. Participating in gaming events, including giveaways, will engage you in the Steam community.

3. It is a fun way to earn free points by playing games and completing other tasks.


1. Earning free points requires a lot of time and effort, and the points rewarded are often limited.

2. Methods for obtaining Steam points can sometimes lead to scam and fraud.

3. Obtaining free points occasionally involves accepting third-party offers or giving away information, such as your e-mail address.

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Table: Tips and Tricks

Method Description
Method 1 Playing Games that Award Steam Points
Method 2 Joining Steam Sales Event
Method 3 Joining Online Communities
Method 4 Using Swagbucks
Method 5 Utilizing Giveaways
Method 6 Tweeting for Points
Method 7 Referring Friends


Does Steam offer free points for purchases?

Steam does not offer free points with purchases at this time. You must obtain them through the methods described above.

What are the advantages of using Swagbucks for Steam Points?

Swagbucks provides an excellent way to earn points and redeem Steam points while completing fun tasks. Users can also receive discount codes for purchases on Steam that are not available anywhere else.

How can I avoid Scams while obtaining free points?

To avoid scams, research carefully the sites and promotions you are visiting, and refrain from giving personal details such as credit card numbers or social security numbers. Avoid offers that require you to pay or subscribe for other services.

Can I utilize Steam points to purchase a Steam gift card?

Unfortunately, Steam points cannot be used to purchase Steam gift cards. It can only use to buy games or in-game items on Steam.

Will I lose my earned Steam points if I delete my Steam account?

If you delete your Steam account, all of your current Steam points will be lost and you will not be able to access your account.

How many points can I collect on Steam Sales Events?

It varies depending on the event, but it can range from dozens to hundreds of points.

Is it possible to gift Steam Points to my friends?

Steam does not offer an option to gift Steam points explicitly. However, you can purchase a Steam gift card that your friend can use to buy games or in-game items on Steam.

Is this a purely legal way to earn free Steam points?

Yes, all of the methods described above for getting free Steam points are legal, and Steam has authorized them.

Can I use multiple methods described above simultaneously?

Yes, you can utilize multiple ways simultaneously to increase your chances of receiving more Steam points.

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Does Steam limit ways to get points?

Steam does not limit the ways to obtain Steam points, but the amount of points per event or promotion is finite.

Is there an expiration date for Steam Points?

Steam points do not have an expiration date, and they will remain in your account until used or deleted.

Can I buy Steam points directly with cash?

Yes, you can buy Steam points using your credit card or PayPal. The price varies depending on the number of points each user wishes to purchase.

Can I sell or exchange Steam Points with other users?

No, Steam Points cannot be sold, traded, or exchanged with other users.

How long will it take for my earned points to show up in my account?

The duration of each method and how swiftly the status of your rewards will appear in your account. The time required for the points to appear in your account is dependent on the method used.


Now you know how to obtain free Steam points. It may take some time and effort, but participating in gaming events, joining Steam communities, and completing Swagbucks’ activities will eventually reward you with free points.

It is essential to be cautious while participating in these promotions to avoid scams and fraud. Always follow instructions and do your research before accepting the offer.

Finally, don’t forget to be patient. Accumulating points may take some time and effort, but it is worthwhile if you can purchase your favorite games without spending a dime.


Readers must remember that the methods mentioned in this article for getting free Steam points are not backed or supported by Steam. Some methods may not operate in your local area, and some might require participation in third-party promotions. This guide is intended to provide information and guidance about obtaining Stems points for free. Readers must exercise caution and conduct research before participating in any promotion mentioned above.