How to Get Amazon Vine Invite? Everything You Need to Know!

How to Get Amazon Vine Invite? Everything You Need to Know!

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Are you an Amazon seller looking to improve your sales and gain more visibility for your products? Then you might have heard about Amazon Vine. It’s an exclusive program created by Amazon to help its sellers get more reviews and ratings for their products, increase credibility, and boost their rankings.

But what is Amazon Vine, and how can you get an invite to participate in this program? In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Amazon Vine and share tips on how to get invited.

What is Amazon Vine?

Amazon Vine is an invitation-only program created by Amazon for its most trusted and influential reviewers. These chosen reviewers receive free products from Amazon sellers to test and share their unbiased opinions and feedback on the platform.

Through Amazon Vine, sellers can get more reviews and ratings for their products, which can help improve their visibility and sales. Amazon Vine is only available in specific countries where Amazon operates, such as the US, the UK, Germany, and Japan.

The Benefits of Amazon Vine

Joining Amazon Vine could provide numerous benefits for sellers, including:

The Downsides of Amazon Vine

However, like any program, Amazon Vine also has its downsides, such as:

Benefits Explanation
Help gain more reviews and ratings By providing products to Vine reviewers and earn honest feedback and comments regarding the item listing. Which in returns help other customers who are interested on the product whether it’s worth buying or not
Increase product credibility Reviews written by Vine reviewers are seen as more trustworthy and reliable since they are not biased by personal interests and preferences.
Boost product search ranking Products with a higher rating get better search visibility on Amazon, which could help attract more potential customers.

How to Get Amazon Vine Invite?

Now that you know the benefits and drawbacks of Amazon Vine, you might be wondering how to get an invite. The good news is, there are several ways to increase your chances of being invited to join Amazon Vine:

1. Be an established Amazon seller

Amazon Vine is more likely to invite sellers with a solid track record of sales and high ratings because it reflects their product reliability. Increasing positive feedback help building customer trust in which other customers may consider the product “a must-have”.

2. Provide high-quality products

To qualify for Amazon Vine, your products should have high-quality standards that can meet the expectation of Amazon’s customers. Products that often returns and rated poorly because of low quality may lower down your chances to join Amazon Vine invite because as much as possible, they only want the best quality product that provides its customers convenience and rely on.

3. Monitor your Amazon Reviews

Amazon Vine is looking for sellers with high ratings and positive reviews for their products. You might increase the chances of getting an invite if you have a strong track record of rating from your previous customers.

4. Have a PINN approved Vendor Account

Amazon Vine program requires that you have a PINN approved Vendor Account with Amazon.

5. Reach out to Amazon’s Vendor Central Team

If you believe you meet all the criteria mentioned above but still haven’t received an invite, you can try reaching out to Amazon’s Vendor Central Team to request a Vine invitation. They might consider your request and grant you an invitation to Amazon Vine program.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I don’t get invited to Amazon Vine?

If you don’t receive an invite from Amazon Vine, don’t worry. There are other ways to increase your product reviews such as joining the Amazon Early Reviewer Program and promoting your products through different marketing channels.

2. How long does it take to get an invite?

Unfortunately, there is no estimated time for getting an Amazon Vine invite, it usually depends on Amazon’s discretion in considering sellers to participate in their program.

3. Can I send a request to Amazon for an invite?

Yes, but it is better to ensure that each criterion required by the Amazon Vine program has been met before sending any request. One suggested method is to reaching out to Amazon’s Vendor Central Team.

4. Is Amazon Vine worth the cost?

It depends on the scope of your Amazon business, the costs, and whether you can afford to provide free products to Vine reviewers. The program does provide positive effects on increasing product visibility and sales, which is helpful for most Amazon sellers.

5. Can Amazon Sellers disable their product reviews for the Amazon Vine Program?

No. Once the Amazon Vine program has been initiated for a particular product, vendors cannot disable it for the duration of the initiative or until the Vine review requirement is fulfilled.


Getting an invite to Amazon Vine could provide you with endless opportunities for growing your Amazon business, increasing visibility, and building your credibility in the market. Ensure you follow the Amazon guidelines and criteria to increase your chances of receiving an invitation to the program.

However, even if you don’t get an invite, keep in mind that there’s a variety of methods to increase and improve your product reviews on Amazon, including reaching out to a marketing agency or offering promotions to potential buyers.

Remember, happy customers are the best way to expand your brand and business.


This article is solely for information purposes and should not be considered legal advice or investment advice. The information given above will not create any warranties or representations with respect to the accuracy, content, or completeness of this article. This article is not intended to be a relied-on source of investment or financial advice. Assistance with conducting a thorough investigation and seeking professional advice is recommended before using Amazon Vine or any Amazon program. The author of this article is not liable for any loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by any Amazon program.

Drawbacks Explanation
Invitation-Only Program Not all sellers can get approved to participate in Amazon Vine, so it might be a limited opportunity.
Costly for sellers Sellers need to provide free products to Vine reviewers, which can be an additional cost to their business. Depending on the quantity of the products you require and the reviewers that will test the item.
Uncontrollable review Amazon Vine reviewers are not obliged to provide a positive review for the product, so sellers should be prepared for negative feedback unlikable to their item listing.
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