How to Find Apple Pencil If Lost and Dead


Hello, Reader technogigs. Welcome to our article on “How to Find Apple Pencil If Lost and Dead”. Apple Pencil has revolutionized the way we work, especially for artists and designers. However, it is easy to lose or misplace an Apple Pencil, and even more challenging when it runs out of battery. In this article, we will explore various ways to find your Apple Pencil if lost and what to do when it runs out of battery.

First, let’s understand what Apple Pencil is, and why it is an essential tool for many Apple device users. Apple Pencil is a digital stylus pen that works with specific iPad models, such as iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad Mini. It offers unmatched precision and control, allowing artists and designers to create stunning digital art and graphics.

Now, let’s dive into the methods of how to find Apple Pencil if lost and what to do when it is dead.

How to Find Apple Pencil If Lost

Method 1: Use Find My App

Apple offers a fantastic tool called Find My that allows you to locate your lost devices. Here’s how to use it to find your lost Apple Pencil:

Step Description
Step 1 Go to Find My app on your iPhone or iPad.
Step 2 Select your Apple Pencil from the list of devices.
Step 3 Follow the instructions to locate your Apple Pencil.

This method works best if your Apple Pencil is turned on and connected to your iPad via Bluetooth.

Method 2: Check Around Your Workstation

Before trying any high-tech solutions, take a moment to check around your desk or workstation. Apple Pencil is small and can be easily misplaced. Look for it in drawers, under papers, or between cushions. You might be surprised where it may turn up.

Method 3: Ask Siri to Find Your Apple Pencil

Yes, you read it right. Apple’s virtual assistant Siri can help you locate your lost Apple Pencil. Here’s how:

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Step Description
Step 1 Activate Siri by saying “Hey Siri” or pressing the side button on your iPhone.
Step 2 Ask Siri “Where is my Apple Pencil?”
Step 3 Siri will help you locate your Apple Pencil if it is within Bluetooth range.

Note that this method only works if you have enabled Siri on your Apple Pencil.

Method 4: Use Bluetooth Tracker

If none of the above methods work, you can consider investing in Bluetooth trackers, such as Tile or Chipolo. These devices help you locate lost items by emitting a loud sound when activated via a smartphone app.

You can attach these trackers to your Apple Pencil and keep track of its whereabouts.

Method 5: Contact Apple Support

If all the above methods fail, contact Apple support for assistance. They may be able to track your Apple Pencil or provide you with a replacement.

What to Do When Apple Pencil Is Dead

Method 1: Charge Apple Pencil

The first and obvious step to do when your Apple Pencil is dead is to recharge it. Connect it to your iPad or iPhone using the Lightning cable that comes with the device.

Apple Pencil takes about 15 minutes of charge time to provide up to 30 minutes of use.

Method 2: Use Power Bank

If you’re on the go and don’t have access to your iPad or iPhone, you can use a power bank to charge your Apple Pencil. Connect the power bank to the Lightning cable and charge it on the go.

Method 3: Use Charging Dock

If you have a charging dock for your Apple Pencil, use it to charge the device. A charging dock allows you to charge the device and keeps it securely in place while not in use.

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Method 4: Disable Apple Pencil for Battery Saving

If you’re not using Apple Pencil, consider turning it off to conserve battery life. Go to Settings>Bluetooth and turn off Apple Pencil to disable the device when not in use.

Method 5: Replace Apple Pencil’s Battery

If your Apple Pencil’s battery is draining too quickly, you may need to replace its battery. Apple provides a battery replacement service that you can avail of.

Method 6: Upgrade Your Apple Pencil

If your Apple Pencil is an older model and the battery life is not meeting your requirements, it might be time to upgrade to a newer model.


1. Can I use Apple Pencil with any iPad model?

No, Apple Pencil works only with specific iPad models, such as iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad Mini.

2. How long does Apple Pencil battery last?

Apple Pencil battery life will vary depending on usage, but it can last up to 12 hours on a single charge.

3. What happens if I lose my Apple Pencil and it’s not connected to any device?

If your Apple Pencil is not connected to any device, you may have a hard time locating it. However, you can try using Bluetooth trackers to find it.

4. How can I check my Apple Pencil’s battery level?

You can check your Apple Pencil’s battery level in the widget section of your iPad or iPhone. You can also check it in Settings>Bluetooth and selecting Apple Pencil.

5. Can I replace the tip of my Apple Pencil?

Yes, Apple provides replacement tips for Apple Pencil. Simply unscrew the tip and replace it with a new one.

6. How long does it take to charge Apple Pencil?

Apple Pencil takes about 15 minutes of charge time to provide up to 30 minutes of use.

7. Can I use third-party chargers for Apple Pencil?

We recommend using the original charging cable that comes with the Apple Pencil to avoid any potential damage.

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8. How do I pair my Apple Pencil with my iPad?

Pairing your Apple Pencil with your iPad is easy. Simply connect your Apple Pencil to your iPad via Bluetooth.

9. What should I do if my Apple Pencil’s LED doesn’t light up when I connect it to my iPad?

If your Apple Pencil’s LED doesn’t light up when connected to your iPad, try charging it for 15 minutes and try again.

10. Can I use my Apple Pencil while charging?

Yes, you can use your Apple Pencil while charging.

11. How can I keep my Apple Pencil secure when not in use?

You can keep your Apple Pencil secure by using a charging dock or a case designed specifically for the device.

12. Can I use Apple Pencil with iPhones?

Apple Pencil works only with specific iPhone models, such as iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max, and requires iOS 14.5 or later.

13. Is Apple Pencil waterproof?

No, Apple Pencil is not waterproof, and exposure to water can damage the device.


In conclusion, losing an Apple Pencil can be frustrating, but there are ways to find it. From using the Find My app to Bluetooth trackers, you can locate your lost Apple Pencil with ease. Additionally, when your Apple Pencil is dead, you can charge it using various methods or consider upgrading to a new model.

We hope this article has been helpful. Keep your Apple Pencil secure and charged to make the most of its features. Thank you for reading, and happy creating!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for educational and informational purposes only. Always contact Apple support or consult a professional technician for device-related issues.