How to Connect AirPods Max to Windows: A Complete Guide

Connect AirPods Max to Windows

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Are you struggling to connect your AirPods Max to your Windows device? Fret not, as we have you covered! In this article, we will guide you through the simple steps to connect your AirPods Max to your Windows device and enjoy an uninterrupted audio experience. Keep reading to find out!


As technology continues to progress, we are seeing more wireless headphones being released in the market. Apple’s AirPods Max, a wireless earphone device, has won the hearts of many music lovers. However, connecting it to a Windows device can be a tricky task.

Connecting your AirPods Max to your Windows device is not as straightforward as it is on an Apple device. Windows uses a different Bluetooth protocol, making it a little more complicated to connect. But, fear not, as we have detailed guidelines to help you establish a seamless connection that will ensure a great listening experience.

In this article, we will go over the complete steps to connect your AirPods Max to Windows. We will also discuss how to troubleshoot potential issues and answer frequently asked questions about connecting AirPods Max to Windows.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Steps to Connect AirPods Max to Windows

Steps Images
1. Turn on your AirPods Max and make sure they are in pairing mode by pressing and holding the noise control button until the LED light flashes white. Step 1
2. Open your Windows Settings and go to the “Devices” section. Step 1
3. Click on the “Bluetooth & other devices” section and Select ‘Add Bluetooth or other devices’ Step 1
4. Select “Bluetooth” and wait for your Windows device to search for available devices. Step 1
5. Choose your AirPods Max from the list of available Bluetooth devices. Step 1
6. Complete the pairing process by following any on-screen instructions that might appear on your Windows device. Step 1
7. Once connected, your AirPods Max will appear as an audio option in the sound settings of your Microsoft Windows device. Step 1
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Strengths and Weaknesses of Connecting AirPods Max to Windows

The main strength of connecting AirPods Max to a Windows device is that it opens up a wider range of options to Apple device users. They can use their device on a Windows system and enjoy content without any interruption. It also allows Windows users to pair up with the best high-end wireless headphones in the market.

The biggest weakness is that not all AirPods Max features work on Windows. The spatial audio, transparent mode, and automatic switching features only work when connected to an Apple device. Sometimes, the connection halts due to software updates and driver requirements, which can cause a lot of frustration for Windows users trying to connect.

But, overall, connecting AirPods Max to your Windows device is worth it if you are looking for high-quality audio and a comfortable fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use AirPods Max on a PC (Windows)?

Yes. You can use AirPods Max on Windows. However, the features are incomplete on Windows, and you may face some issues while trying to connect the device.

2. Why won’t AirPods Max pair with Windows 10?

AirPods Max won’t pair with Windows 10 because it uses a different Bluetooth protocol. You need to ensure that your device is in pairing mode, and you have followed all steps detailed in the guide above.

3.How do I reset my AirPods Max?

You can reset your AirPods Max by pressing and holding the noise control button and the digital crown button until the LED indicator flashes orange.

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4. How can I get spatial audio on my Windows device?

Unfortunately, spatial audio and other AirPods Max features are only available on Apple devices.

5. Can I use my AirPods Max wirelessly without Bluetooth?

No, you cannot use AirPods Max without Bluetooth connectivity. It is a wireless-only device and requires Bluetooth connectivity to function.

6. Why do my AirPods Max disconnect randomly?

There could be several reasons why your AirPods Max keeps disconnecting randomly, such as low battery, Bluetooth connectivity issues, and outdated drivers. Ensure your devices have up-to-date drivers and restart both your AirPods Max and Windows device if issues persist.

7. How do I check the battery level of my AirPods Max on Windows?

Pair your AirPods Max with your Windows device, and the battery percentage will appear in your sound settings.

8. What is the range for my AirPods Max to pair with my Windows device?

The range for pairing your AirPods Max depends on the strength of your Bluetooth connection. It has a range of approximately 33 feet or ten meters.

9. Can I use Siri on my AirPods Max on Windows?

No, Siri is only available on Apple devices.

10. Can I use my AirPods Max on multiple devices?

Yes, AirPods Max can be paired with many devices, but you can only use it with one device at a time.

11. Will AirPods Max work with a Windows audio receiver?

Yes, you can connect AirPods Max with a Windows audio receiver. However, the audio quality may not meet your expectations.

12. How do I adjust the volume on my AirPods Max?

You can adjust the volume of your AirPods Max in the sound settings of your Windows device or use the digital crown buttons on your device.

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13. What should I do if my AirPods Max are not connecting to my Windows device?

If your AirPods Max are not connecting to your Windows device, ensure your device is in pairing mode, and your location settings for both Bluetooth and microphone access are turned on and wait for a few minutes for both devices to establish a connection. If issues persist, reset your device and try again.


We’ve outlined everything you need to know on how to connect AirPods Max to your Windows device. Although it may seem daunting, it’s a straightforward process that you can master with practice. We hope this article has been helpful, and you can now enjoy the high-quality audio experience from your AirPods Max on your Windows device.

Remember that although there are limitations in terms of features and the connection process, the convenience of using your AirPods Max on Windows is worth it. Don’t let the initial struggles deter you from enjoying music like never before!

If you have any further questions or suggestions, please share them with us in the comments section. Happy Listening!


The information provided in this article is intended to help users connect their AirPods Max to Windows devices. We are not responsible for any damage or loss caused by following the steps outlined here. Users must proceed with caution and follow the correct steps at their discretion.