How to Block Reels in Facebook – Your Ultimate Guide

Block Reels in Facebook

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Hello, Reader Technogigs! Welcome to our ultimate guide on how to block reels in Facebook, where we’ll teach you how to prevent reels from showing up in your newsfeed and on your profile. With the new feature, reels, many users are feeling overwhelmed, and it has become a topic of discussion in many online forums. So, we’ve made it our mission to provide you with an easy-to-follow guide on how you can take control of your Facebook newsfeed and stop seeing reels.


Facebook introduced reels as a new feature in 2020. It’s been added to Facebook’s already existing suite of features, including Facebook Live, videos, stories, posts, and more. Reels is a feature that enables users to make short videos with a variety of music or sound effects. Since its launch, it has become one of the most seen content types on Facebook. As a user, the extensive use of reels on your timeline may not be your thing, and it can cause some distractions.

Fortunately, Facebook provides an option to block reels. You can filter the kind of content you want to see on your timeline by curating your newsfeed. The process involved in blocking reels might be a bit tricky; that’s why we have come up with this comprehensive guide. Read on as we explore how you can effectively block reels on Facebook.

What are Facebook Reels?

If you’re new to the Reels feature on Facebook, you might be wondering what it is all about. Facebook reels are short videos that are usually between 15 to 60-seconds long. The videos are created by Facebook users, and they are usually edited using various virtual effects, filters, and sound effects to make the videos more interesting and engaging. Reels are similar to videos on YouTube but are more succinct and concise.

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Why Block Reels on Facebook?

Facebook users who are not a fan of Reels videos may find the new feature overwhelming. If you find that your feeds are being flooded with Reels content, it can be frustrating and can negatively impact your Facebook experience. Blocking Reels can be beneficial to you because it helps to declutter your newsfeed, which enhances your user experience. You can also avoid bumping into irrelevant posts that you don’t care about.

7 Steps to Block Reels on Facebook

If you’re ready to take control of your Facebook timeline and block reels, proceed with the following steps:

Step Instructions
1 Open your Facebook app
2 Find the three horizontal lines at the bottom-right corner of the screen, and tap
3 Scroll down till you get to Settings & Privacy
4 Under Settings & Privacy, tap on Settings
5 In Settings, tap on News Feed Preferences
6 Tap on the ‘Reels and Shorts’ option
7 Hide the content by clicking on the ‘Hide Reels Videos’ option

Advantages and Disadvantages of Blocking Reels on Facebook


1. Enhanced User Experience

One of the most crucial benefits of blocking reels on Facebook is that it enhances user experience. You can control the type of content you want to see on your timeline and avoid the massive influx of Reels on your feed that may not suit your interest.

2. Improved Productivity

If you’re one of those superusers who use Facebook for business or work-related activities, blocking reels on Facebook can help increase productivity. By doing so, you can filter out irrelevant posts and eliminate distractions that might negatively affect business operations.

3. Reduced Data Usage

Reels on Facebook take up much bandwidth, which may not be ideal for users that have limited data plans. When you block reels, you save data by avoiding streaming unwanted video content that may eat into your limited data plan.

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1. No access to Reels feature

Blocking reels on Facebook implies that you won’t be able to access the Reels feature. If you’re a creator that uses the feature, you’ll be unable to access it, limiting your creativity and expression.

2. Limited Exposure

When you block reels on Facebook, it reduces your exposure to the latest buzz and trends. While you get to avoid irrelevant content, you might miss out on new trends, opportunities, and other events.


1. What are Facebook Reels?

Facebook reels are short videos that are edited using different virtual effects, filters, and sound effects to make the videos more interesting and engaging. Videos created by Facebook users and are usually between 15 to 60 seconds long.

2. What is the difference between reels and videos on Facebook?

Reels on Facebook are usually shorter than regular videos, within a range of 15 to 60 seconds. Also, while videos can come in different formats, reels usually come in vertical or portrait mode only.

3. Can Facebook users block Reels on Desktop?

Yes, you can block reels content from showing on your Desktop. To do this, simply head to your newsfeed settings and click the ‘Hide Reels Videos’ option.

4. Will blocking reels also disable other features on my Facebook profile?

No, blocking reels from showing on your Facebook will not affect other Facebook features. You can still share posts, view posts, messages, and notifications, as well as other features on your profile.

5. How can I enable the Reels feature after blocking it?

To enable the Reels feature again after blocking it, simply reverse the process by following the steps we outlined earlier in this guide.

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6. Will blocking reels affect my Facebook account in a negative way?

There is no negative effect when you block reels from appearing on your Facebook profile.

7. Can I block reels on my Facebook page?

Yes, you can block reels from showing on your Facebook page. To do so, follow the same instructions we provided for blocking reels on your newsfeed.


In conclusion, blocking reels on Facebook can be beneficial for managing your newsfeed and enhancing your user experience. Blocking Reels will declutter your timeline and make it less crowded and messy. However, blocking Reels also means that you might miss out on exciting and relevant content that could have enriched your Facebook experience. Remember, If you ever change your mind and decide to enable the Reels feature again, simply head to your settings and toggle the ‘Reels and Shorts’ option.

We hope that this guide has been helpful in teaching you how to block reels on Facebook. Follow the instructions and enjoy a cleaner and less crowded newsfeed. Thank you for sticking around, and remember, feel free to return to us for any future updates or guides.


The information contained in this guide is true to the best of our knowledge. We carefully researched and tested each of the steps to ensure that they work perfectly. However, since Facebook is continually updating and making changes to its platform, the instructions in this guide may become obsolete in the future. Additionally, this guide is not subject to professional advice and should not be considered a substitute for professional advice or services.