How Much Karma Do I Need to Post?

How Much Karma Do I Need to Post?

A Comprehensive Guide to Post Karma on Reddit

Hello Reader technogigs, welcome to this informative article on how much karma you need to post on Reddit. Reddit is the world’s largest online community bulletin board system, where users can submit links, texts, and other content to message boards known as “subreddits”. If you are a new user or have been on Reddit for a while, you must have noticed that you cannot post anything on Reddit without having built sufficient “karma”.

Karma on Reddit is a point system that rewards users who contribute quality content and inspire meaningful discussions. The more karma a user earns, the more privileges he/she gains, such as posting in certain subreddits.

In this article, we will explore how karma works, how much karma you need to post, and we will generously share some tips to help you build your karma score. So, sit tight, grab a coffee, and stay with us till the end.


Reddit is powered by its community, and therefore, it maintains certain policies and rules to keep a healthy and engaging environment. One of the Reddit policies is karma requirement, which means to post or comment, you need to have a minimum amount of Karma.

The intent behind the karma requirement policy is to keep spammers and trolls away from the platform, ensure users contribute relevant content, and keep the community engaged.

On the other hand, even the users who genuinely want to post questions or share their thoughts get stuck when they have insufficient karma to do so. So, the question arises, how much karma do I need to post?

Let’s find out!

How Much Karma Do You Need to Post?

Well, there is no universal answer to this question as the karma requirement varies from subreddit to subreddit. It means the amount of karma required to post in r/funny will be different from the amount required in r/AskReddit.

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The easiest way to find out the minimum karma requirement is to go through the subreddit rules. Most subreddits have a specific mention of minimum karma required to post or comment.

For example, r/news requires at least “10 comment karma” and “10 post karma” to participate in discussions. Similarly, r/videos requires “10 comment karma” and “10 post karma” to post videos.

Therefore, it is recommended to read subreddits’ rules before posting or commenting.

Why Do You Need Karma, Anyway?

Simple, Karma is a measure of credibility. It is an indicator of how much you have contributed to Reddit and how much the community appreciates your work.

Karma is a way for Reddit to reward its sincere users who create value through their contributions. It is also a way for moderators to distinguish quality content from spammy or irrelevant ones.

Moreover, Karma also gives you access to certain subreddits and Puts you on the radar of Reddit’s search algorithms. Therefore, having a good karma score not only adds to your reputation but also enhances your overall experience on the platform.

So, How Can You Build Karma?

Ways to Build Karma Description
Post Original Content Share something that’s never been shared before!
Comment on Other Users’ Posts Engage in other users’ posts by leaving meaningful comments.
Upvote and Downvote Posts Show your appreciation by upvoting quality content and downvote irrelevant or spammy posts.
Join Active Communities Subreddits with higher engagement rates get more visibility, and participating in them is more likely to earn you karma.
Follow Subreddits’ Rules Post or comment exactly in line with the subreddit’s rules to avoid comment deletion or banning.
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The Pros and Cons of Karma System


Encourages Quality Content: Karma incentivizes users to contribute quality content and helps moderators filter out low-quality content and spammy posts.

Builds User Reputation: Karma is a measure of reputation and credibility that adds value to users’ profiles and enhances their credibility in subreddits.

Indicates Freshness and Relevance: Reddit’s search algorithms consider karma a metric of relevance. Thus, newer content with higher karma gets more visibility on Google search results.


Discourages New Users: New users often get discouraged from using Reddit because of the karma requirement. They may not understand the system early on or may not have enough karma to post their questions.

Encourages Karma Farming: Since Karma is a measure of credibility, some users engage in fake activities to build karma scores, such as reposting or upvoting others’ posts for no reason.

Leads to Echo Chambers: Karma creates natural echo chambers, where users remain in subreddits that share the same opinions and perspectives. Since new or opposing views get downvoted more quickly, debates are often absent or one-sided.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I post in every subreddit with the same amount of karma?

No. Every subreddit has different karma requirements for posting. Thus, you need to read subreddit rules to know the minimum karma requirements.

2. How long does it take to build enough karma to post?

It depends on the user’s contribution level and engagement. However, posting quality content, upvoting, and commenting can quickly build up karma in a few days to weeks.

3. Can I buy karma points?

No, Karma is not for sale, and any attempt to buy or sell it is considered a violation of Reddit’s policies.

4. How do I check my karma score?

Your Karma score is visible on your profile page. You can access it by clicking on your profile picture or username.

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5. What if my post or comment gets deleted?

If your post or comment gets deleted, it means it violated subreddit rules or Reddit policies. You can contact the subreddit moderators to understand the reason for deletion.

6. How often can I post in one subreddit?

The frequency of posting in a subreddit varies from subreddit to subreddit. It’s important to read the subreddit’s rules to avoid getting flagged as spam by moderators.

7. Can I appeal for my ban or posting rights after being banned?

Yes, You can appeal your ban, but it’s essential to follow the subreddit’s rules and policies to avoid repeated bans and posts removals.


So there you have it Reader technogigs, a detailed guide on how much karma you need to post on Reddit. Karma is an essential aspect of Reddit, and it’s essential to build your score steadily to ensure you have all the posting privileges on the platform.

Although it might seem daunting at first, following subreddit rules and actively engaging in discussions can help you build your karma score in no time.

Remember, Reddit is a community-driven platform, and Karma is a way to encourage you to participate in constructive participation in subreddits. Put your best foot forward, and the rest will follow.

If you still have any questions or concerns, feel free to drop them in the comments section below. Happy Redditing!

Disclaimer: The content shared is for informative purposes only and does not constitute professional advice. Users should exercise discretion while using the platform and refer to Reddit’s terms and policies.