Echo Show 8 1st Gen vs 2nd Gen: Which One Should You Choose?

Greetings, Reader technogigs! Smart displays have become a household name, and Amazon’s Echo Show has been recording remarkable sales throughout the industry. With two iterations in the series, customers might struggle to understand the differences between the Echo Show 8 1st Gen and 2nd Gen.

In this article, we will examine the Echo Show 8 1st Gen vs 2nd Gen breakdown and determine which device is worth your investment. But first, let’s take a look at what smart displays are and what makes the Echo Show series stand out in the industry.

Introducing Smart Displays and Echo Show Series

Smart displays are digital assistant devices with interactive screens that can provide additional information in response to users’ voice commands. Amazon was the first to introduce this category of devices back in June 2017 through its Echo Show series.

The Echo Show devices come with varied screen sizes, including Echo Show 5, 8, and 10. They are fitted with all the features of Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa, with the added advantage of being able to display visual content alongside the voice assistance. Users can access various media applications such as YouTube, Amazon Prime, and more.

From fulfilling routine tasks, such as setting alarms, making phone calls, controlling lights, and setting reminders, to providing weather forecasts and news updates, the Echo Show series provides endless possibilities. As we look into the Echo Show 8 1st Gen vs 2nd Gen breakdown, we hope to shed light on which of the two versions goes the extra mile.

Echo Show 8 1st Gen vs 2nd Gen: Breakdown

Specification Echo Show 8 1st Gen Echo Show 8 2nd Gen
Display 8″ HD 8″ HD
Camera 1 MP 13 MP
Processor MediaTek MT 8163 MediaTek MT 8183
Sound System Dual 2.0-inch 10 W speakers 2-inch premium speakers with Dolby Atmos technology
Price $129.99 $129.99
Release Date 2019 2021
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Design and Build Quality

The Echo Show 8 2nd Gen’s design is similar to its predecessor, with an 8″ screen size and a thick grey or white bezel. However, the 2nd Gen is sleeker, with a slimmer profile of 13 mm compared to the 1st Gen’s 14.8 mm. Additionally, the 2nd Gen has a prominent speaker grille with Dolby Atmos technology that provides a more immersive sound experience. The overall design of the 2nd Gen puts it a step ahead of the 1st Gen.

Display and Camera

The display for both Echo Show 8 models is 8″ HD with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. The 2nd Gen comes with a 13 MP camera, while the 1st Gen lags with a 1 MP front-facing camera. The difference in camera quality may not matter much for some users, but for video call enthusiasts, the 2nd Gen’s camera’s higher resolution would be a significant advantage.

Sound System

The Echo Show 8 1st Gen has dual 2.0-inch 10W speakers suitable for providing a decent audio experience. The 2nd Gen fairs even better, with 2-inch premium speakers with Dolby Atmos technology, providing more profound bass and a crisp sound. Music enthusiasts might consider the sound difference to be significant and opt for the 2nd Gen version because of it.

Processor and RAM

The Echo Show 8 2nd Gen comes with an upgraded MediaTek MT 8183 processor and 2 GB RAM. In contrast, the 1st Gen version has a MediaTek MT 8163 processor with only 1 GB of RAM. The 2nd Gen has a faster processor and double the RAM, providing a faster app launch, multitasking capabilities, and smoother user experience.

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Release Date and Price

The Echo Show 8 1st Gen was released in 2019 while the 2nd Gen was released in 2021. Both devices cost $129.99, with no significant change in price.

Compatibility with Smart Home Devices

The Echo Show series ensures that users can control their smart home devices through voice commands with Alexa. Both the 1st Gen and 2nd Gen versions are compatible with smart home devices. However, the Echo Show 8 2nd Gen can control up to 1400 smart home devices compared to the 1st Gen version’s control of 1000 smart home devices.


Amazon assures its customers that privacy issues are ironed out through its ‘off’ button for cameras and mics. However, users should be aware that smart devices collect data, and security breaches are not uncommon.


Q1. Can I use the Echo Show 8 as a regular tablet?

No, the Echo 8 Show is made only to work with Alexa and can not function as a traditional tablet.

Q2. Can I connect an external speaker to the Echo Show 8?

You can connect the Echo Show 8 to an external speaker through Bluetooth or a 3.5mm audio cable.

Q3. Can I watch Netflix on the Echo Show 8?

No. Amazon and Netflix are competing companies, and Amazon doesn’t allow Netflix to stream on its devices; there is no way to install Netflix on your Echo Show 8.

Q4. Does the Echo Show 8 support video playback and streaming?

Yes. The Echo Show 8 supports video playback on Amazon Prime, YouTube, Hulu, and more.

Q5. Can the Echo Show 8 be used as a security camera?

No, the Echo Show 8 does not have a built-in security camera, but it can connect to an Alexa-compatible security camera.

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Q6. Can I make calls from my Echo Show 8?

Yes. You can make voice or video calls using the Alexa app or Alexa device to anyone with a compatible device.

Q7. Can the Echo Show 8 be used as a digital photo frame?

Yes. The Echo Show 8 has a digital photo frame feature that allows you to view specific photo albums, slide shows, or featured photos.


When it comes to choosing between the Echo Show 8 1st Gen vs 2nd Gen, users have to consider their needs and preferences. The 2nd Gen version has significant upgrades with a better camera quality, faster processor, double the RAM, and improved sound quality. On the other hand, the 1st Gen version also offers value for money, with access to all Alexa features and smart home compatibility.

We hope this Echo Show 8 1st Gen vs 2nd Gen breakdown has informed you well on each device and helped you make an educated decision. With all things considered, both versions offer excellent value and top-notch smart assisting capabilities that will benefit your home and life.

Thank you for reading, and we encourage you to share your thoughts and experience with us and Amazon’s Echo Show devices in the comments below.

Disclaimer: This article reflects individual opinions based on research conducted by our writers. It is not sponsored or paid for by Amazon or any other related entity.

Echo Show 8 1st Gen vs 2nd Gen