Does Instagram show when you started following someone?

Does Instagram show when you started following someone?

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Instagram is one of the most used social media websites and applications globally, with millions of active users daily. It started as an image-sharing platform but has since evolved into a medium for many things, such as online branding, marketing, and advertising.

You may wonder if Instagram shows the date that you started following another user. This article aims to answer this question and provide a deeper understanding of the Instagram following system.

The Explanation

Firstly, regarding whether or not Instagram shows the date you started following someone, the answer is no. Instagram does not display or keep track of how long you have followed someone.

As much as it might be helpful to know when you started following a specific account or when someone started following you, Instagram does not provide such information for privacy reasons.

However, if you want to see who you are following or who is following you, the user profile option is available on the main page. It allows users to view followings and followers without displaying the follow date.

Strengths of Instagram’s Following System

1. The following system is easy to navigate as it is available on the main page.
2. Users can update and unfollow accounts they do not wish to be following anymore.
3. Instagram’s following system is private and secure, allowing users to follow and unfollow without anyone knowing.

Weaknesses of Instagram’s Following System

1. The following system might cause judgement between users depending on their follow count.
2. Follow bots, inactive accounts, and other fake accounts can follow your Instagram account, which can be considered a weakness.
3. Privacy issues might arise when Instagram accounts are public and open to follow from strangers.

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Table Containing Complete Information about Instagram’s Following System

Feature Details
Followers Shows a list of people following your account
Following Shows a list of accounts that you follow
Follow Requests Shows all pending follow requests that you have on your account

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I see when someone started following me on Instagram?

No, Instagram does not give information about when somebody started following you.

2. Can you unfollow someone anonymously on Instagram?

Yes, you can. If you do not want someone to know that you have unfollowed them, you can unfollow their account, and they will never receive a notification or any type of alert.

3. Can I see when I started following someone before?

No, Instagram does not provide information about when you started following someone previously.

4. Can someone tell if you unfollow them on Instagram?

There is no straightforward way of checking whether someone has unfollowed you on Instagram.

5. How can I know if someone has unfollowed me?

You can only know if someone has unfollowed you by checking manually or using third-party applications.

6. Why can’t I see who I followed first on Instagram anymore?

Instagram removed this feature, which allowed users to see who they followed first for privacy reasons.

7. Can somebody see how many users I am following?

Yes, someone can see the number of users that you are following by visiting your profile and checking the following section.

8. How do I know if someone unfollowed me on Instagram for free?

You can only check manually or use third-party applications in determining who unfollowed you on Instagram.

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9. Can someone tell if you look at their Instagram?

No, Instagram does not notify users when someone views their profile.

10. Can I get a notification when someone unfollows me?

Instagram does not notify users when someone unfollows them.

11. Can I hide the people I’m following in Instagram stories?

Yes, you can customise your Instagram story settings to hide specific accounts when you publish new stories.

12. Does Instagram notify users when I follow them?

No, Instagram does not notify users when someone follows them.

13. How do I check who followed me back on Instagram?

You can only check who followed you back by reviewing your followers’ list and comparing it to whom you have followed.


In conclusion, Instagram does not inform users when they started following someone. Instagram’s following system’s advantages include its privacy and ease of use, as well as its adaptability to unfollowing accounts, and so on.

However, fake accounts, judgment between users due to followers or follow with bloat accounts, and Instagram’s privacy issues could be perceived as weaknesses. Finally, use Instagram wisely and actively, and be careful with the accounts you follow.