Documents for Pre Approval Home Loan

Before you decide to buy a house, it’s important to understand the financial aspect of it. One crucial factor when it comes to home buying is obtaining a pre-approval home loan. This process involves the lender reviewing your financial information to determine how much money you can borrow. In order to get pre-approved, you’ll need to provide various documents to the lender. Here are the documents you’ll need for pre-approval home loan:

Identification Proof

The first thing you’ll need to provide for pre-approval home loan is your identification proof. This can include your passport, driver’s license or any other government-issued ID. You’ll also need to provide your Social Security number to the lender.

Proof of Income

The lender will want to ensure that you have a reliable source of income before approving your home loan. You’ll need to provide documents such as pay stubs, W-2 forms, and tax returns for the past two years. If you’re self-employed, you’ll need to provide your business tax returns for the past two years as well.

Employment Verification

The lender will also want to verify your employment status. You’ll need to provide your employer’s name and contact information, along with your job title and length of employment. The lender may also ask for a letter from your employer confirming your employment status and salary.

Bank Statements

The lender will want to see your bank statements for the past three to six months. This will give them an idea of your overall financial health and help them determine if you’re able to afford the monthly mortgage payments.

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Credit Report

The lender will pull your credit report to see your credit score and credit history. Make sure to review your credit report beforehand and dispute any errors you may find. It’s also important to pay any outstanding debts and keep your credit card balances low to improve your credit score.

Proof of Assets

You’ll need to provide documentation of any assets you have, such as savings accounts, retirement accounts, stocks, and bonds. This will show the lender that you have additional sources of income and can afford the down payment and closing costs.

Additional Documents

Depending on the lender and your specific situation, you may need to provide additional documents for pre-approval home loan. This can include divorce decrees, child support documentation, and rental agreements. Make sure to ask your lender what additional documents they require.


Getting pre-approved for a home loan is an important step in the home buying process. By providing the necessary documents, you’ll be able to determine how much money you can borrow and what type of home you can afford. Make sure to gather all the required documents beforehand to streamline the pre-approval process.